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StewMac Ultimate Shine Guitar Care System

Keep all your guitars clean, protected, and playing great! Our Ultimate Shine Guitar Care System is hand-blended in small batches with real lemon and carnauba palm wax to shine and protect without using harmful chemicals.

Skilled guitarmaker Armand Sentous of Argentina developed these mixtures using natural ingredients, distilling and bottling them in his own shop to get the quality he demanded. We tested them and became as excited as Armand's customers!

Compared to what you'll find in music stores, these are boutique quality craft brews. Working with Armand, we're delighted to bring you this outstanding complete guitar care system.

Safely clean EVERY part of your guitar
With one system you get everything you need to clean your entire guitar. We've made a custom cleaner for your finish, fretboard, frets, and strings. We even include four color-coded cleaning towels—because the solutions used on finish, fretboard, frets, and strings shouldn’t mix!

The Ultimate Shine Guitar Care System includes:

  • Ultimate Shine—Formulated for cleaning all guitar finishes. Also great for parts and hardware. Contains pure carnauba wax and has a great tangerine scent. 4-oz. bottle.
  • Carnauba Wax—Pure carnauba wax in classic paste form for easy application. Builds a deep glossy shine that you can see yourself in! 3/4-oz. tin.
  • Deep Cleaner—A fantastic cleaner for removing even the oldest built-up grime on fretboards. The secret is pure distilled lemon hydrosol. Scented with peppermint. 4-oz. bottle.
  • Lemon Oil—Uses the essential oil of real lemons to moisten fretboard wood, keeping it healthy and free of cracks or splits. 2-oz. bottle.
  • Fret Polish—With only fingertip pressure and our microfiber towel, this paste-style polish buffs frets to a smooth, bright shine. 3/4-oz. tin.
  • String Life—Keep your strings clean and they'll deliver much longer playing life. Nice orange scent! 2-oz. bottle.
  • 4 microfiber towels—These 9" x 9" towels grab grime and are color-coded to correspond with each guitar care step. (22cm x 22cm)

Follow these four simple steps to get your guitar gleaming:

  1. Step 1: Finish
    Use the yellow towel to clean and shine the finish and hardware with Ultimate Shine. For the deepest gloss, add Carnauba Wax and buff it using the yellow towel.
  2. Step 2: Fretboard
    With the green towel and Deep Cleaner, remove built-up grunge on the fretboard. Then protect the fretboard by wiping it with our Lemon Oil using the green towel.
  3. Step 3: Frets
    Use the red towel and Fret Polish for bright, shiny frets that look great and give you smooth playing action.
  4. Step 4: Strings
    After playing, spray String Life on a corner of the blue towel and wipe down and dry each string. Your strings will last longer and play better!
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