ColorTone Clean + Shine Polish

ColorTone Clean + Shine Polish, 8-oz. bottle
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ColorTone Clean + Shine Polish

The right cleaner for the gear you play every day. ColorTone Clean + Shine is a safe, everyday cleaner for all of your instruments. No grit or abrasives, safe for lacquer, nitro, poly, and shellac/French polish finishes.

Your favorite instrument deserves a little love and maintenance to keep it looking and playing its best. You tune every time you play, but do you care for your finish? This one step will help you avoid a sticky, hard to play neck and a grimy, potentially damaging finish and crusty hardware.

Simply apply Clean + Shine with a clean cotton cloth or directly on the instrument. Buff to a gloss. It leaves no residue, no cloudy film, stickiness or build-up. It's safe for all finishes and won’t discolor vintage ones. It's also a great follow up to our Scratch Remover.

California Proposition 65 Warning
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