The Glue Looper

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The Glue Looper

Neatly delivers a drop of glue, finish, or lubricant
What a great idea! Put the Glue Looper™ in a razor knife handle and you have a dedicated drop-fill tool.

Glue Loopers are great for lubricating open-gear tuners, too. And they're reusable: just burn off any leftover oil or finish and it's ready to go again.

Just the right amount of glue
It works with low-viscosity liquids like glue, stain and lacquer. Capillary action pulls the liquid into the loop, forming a precise droplet for your finish repair or glue joint. Includes 10 steel tips; 4 each of small and medium sizes, and 2 of the large size.

Fits our razor knife handle and most others.

Instructions included.

California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm