Fine Line Stripers Masking Tape

Fine Line Stripers Masking Tape, 1/8" wide
1/8" wide Item # 0591
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Fine Line Stripers Masking Tape, 1/4" wide
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Fine Line Stripers Masking Tape

Get crisp and clean finish lines every time!
Don't you just love PRS-style "natural binding"? Figured woods have such beautiful grain patterns, masking the edges makes a stunning binding effect. Contemporary builders have been using this technique with spectacular results.

Crisp lines and masked edges are tricky to get perfect, but with Fine Line Stripers Masking Tape, you finally have the right tape for the job. This automotive-grade tape is perfect for creating clean lines.

It's extremely flexible and gets around tight corners effortlessly, without kinks or crinkles. Not only great for curves, it stays straight too. It's the perfect tape for masking off soundhole rosettes. And it's fantastic for pinstriping too!

The right tape for precision work
This PVC vinyl tape is designed for high detail work. It's ultra thin with a smooth backing, which is ideal for making sharp paint lines. The strong adhesive reduces the chance of edge bleed, but also removes cleanly without tearing or leaving residue behind.

It's also temperature, abrasion, and solvent resistant, qualities you need for fine delicate staining and finishing jobs.

This is a great addition to your tape arsenal. No other tape will work as cleanly or as precisely for detailed finish work.

Take your finishing detail to the next level

#0591 1/8" wide, 108 foot roll (3.2mm x 33m)
#0592 1/4" wide, 108 foot roll (6.4mm x 33m)

California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm