Blue Painter's Tape

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Blue Painter's Tape

Problem solving tape for your shop
Simple and effective, we use Blue Painter's Tape for masking finishes, making simple jigs, and a whole lot more.

Sometimes you just need some simple painter's tape. The medium tack and semi-crepe paper backing is ideal for all of your general finishing work, but we've found hundreds of uses around our shop.

    Here's just a few ways we use it:
  • Masking a fretboard when finishing the body and neck
  • Protecting the body when spraying touch ups
  • Masking an acoustic bridge location during finishing
  • Making an easy and disposable mixing board for epoxy and stains
    But it's for more than just finishing!
  • Tape around a control cavity to protect the body when soldering
  • Protect the guitar when applying conductive paint in the pickup and control cavities
  • Hold a pickguard steady when installing the screws
  • Mask off fretboards for leveling and dressing
  • Make a simple jig when wiring pots and switches
  • Lay out centerlines when building

It works for both solvent and waterbase paints. This tape has a medium tack so we don't recommend it for delicate or freshly-sprayed finishes. If you're working on a vintage finish, we rely on our Low Tack Protective Tape—it's specially made for working on these fragile instruments.

The roll easily fits in our Guitar Shop Tape Deck so all you need is one hand to get just the right amount of tape.

2" wide, 60 yard roll (50mm x 55m)

California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm