System Three T-88 Epoxy

System Three T-88 Epoxy, Complete Set
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System Three T-88 Epoxy, Applicator Gun
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System Three T-88 Epoxy, 50 ml Cartridge
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System Three T-88 Epoxy, Mix Tips, Pack of 6
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System Three T-88 Epoxy

Glue oily woods with no shrinking or cracking
This epoxy makes it easy to join exotic oily woods for a trouble-free build.

System Three two-part epoxy is a shop favorite for gluing oily woods like Rosewood, Ebony, or Cocobolo. The natural oils in these woods can cause normal glues to fail, making epoxy the right tool for the job. It's unaffected by most oils and chemicals, stronger than typical wood glues, and it has a 30-minute working time giving you the ability to fine-tune the joint.

We find the reusable applicator gun makes it even easier to use. The secret of a strong epoxy joint is a thorough mix of hardener and resin. With a simple squeeze of the trigger both the hardener and resin come out in a controlled bead with no sticky hands.

The most precise way to mix epoxy
We also love the control of the Mix Tips. The special shape of the Mix Tips automatically mixes the right amounts together as you squeeze: the epoxy comes out of the tip ready to apply—no more manual mixing! Also, once you're done, you can take off the Mix Tip, replace the cap, and keep your epoxy fresh and ready for the next job. No more waste! Each cartridge comes with one Mix Tip, more are available.

System Three T-88 is a great choice for gluing fingerboards, headplates, neck/tail blocks, heel caps, end grafts, and more. We're constantly finding more uses in the shop.

  • Cures hard but not brittle
  • Won't shrink
  • Resistant to oils and most chemicals
  • Won't stain woods
  • Goes on as clear amber, virtually invisible when dry
  • Slow setting 30-minute working time
  • Hardens in 6-8 hours, Full cure in 24 hours
  • 1-to-1 mixing ratio
    Included in the set:
  • Applicator gun
  • 50 ml epoxy cartridge and Mix Tip
  • Replacement Mix Tips, pack of 6

Need more epoxy or Mix Tips? Each cartridge includes one Mix Tip, more are available. We like to have a few extra Mix Tips handy for future jobs.

50 ml cartridge.

California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm