StewMac Super Glue Starter Package

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Flammable: Cannot ship by air or outside the USA.

StewMac Super Glue Starter Package

SAVE money and speed your work by hours!
Instant glues you'll love for repair work, in a money-saving set.

Thin Super Glue, 1-ounce bottle
Medium Super Glue, 1-ounce bottle
Aerosol Accelerator, 6-ounce can
Brush-on Accelerator, 2-ounce bottle
Whip Tip nozzle extenders
Pipette applicators
Drop-fill Toothpicks

First choice in guitar repair shops. Stewart-MacDonald super glues feature incredible bonding strength for quick jig-making, repairs, fretting, binding, inlaying, finish touch-ups, nut slot rebuilding, and countless other tasks.

They'll speed your work by hours. With our Starter Package, you'll be ready for any repair situation that demands a fast permanent bond. Spend less time setting up clamps and waiting for other glues to dry!

1-ounce bottles are the practical size to minimize shelf life problems. Each bottle includes three Whip Tip nozzle extenders for spot-applying super glue precisely where you need it, with no mess.

Starter Package contents:

#10 Thin penetrates close-fitting wood joints and fingerboard cracks. It cures in 3-5 seconds, for a strong moisture-resistant joint. This water-thin instant glue is great for fast minor drop-fill repairs on guitar finishes, too.

#20 Medium is our general-purpose super glue. It's a bit thicker, to fill small imperfect joint gaps, and cures in 10-25 seconds.

Super Glue Accelerator makes bonding even faster! Spray immediately before or after gluing. Great for hard-to-glue materials, too.

Whip Tips An extra package of 10 flexible nozzle extenders for spot-applying super glue exactly where you need it.

Clear Plastic Pipettes in a package of 10, for precise glue application in tight areas.

Drop-fill Toothpicks flow super glue into fret slots and drop lacquer into finish chips. Box of 50.

Instructions with helpful tips for using Stewart-MacDonald Super Glues.

Small bottles minimize shelf life problems. To maximize shelf life, store super glues in a cool dry place.

Warning! Super glues bond skin and eyes instantly. Use in a well ventilated area. Keep out of the reach of children.

California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm