EcoWeld Adhesive for Tolex + Tweed

EcoWeld Adhesive for Tolex + Tweed, 8.5-oz. bottle
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EcoWeld Adhesive for Tolex + Tweed, 33.8-oz. bottle
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EcoWeld Adhesive for Tolex + Tweed

Our favorite glue for Tolex and tweed!
This is the best glue we've ever found for installing or repairing Tolex on amp and speaker cabinets.

Installing and repairing Tolex and tweed can be tricky, especially if you use the wrong glue! You want to make sure you get a good bond that won't creep or unstick over time. When Tolex rips, before you know it your amp will start losing pieces in chunks!

We spent months searching for the best, longest lasting, and easiest to work with glue we could find. Our team examined more than 10 different glues on test builds—we even put samples in the freezer and in a hot car on a summer day!

The clear winner was EcoWeld. Ready to use right out of the bottle, simply shake well and you're good to go! With a stronger bond than aerosol adhesives and a longer open time, you'll have a professional looking cabinet without frustration. It's also far less messy than using a spray!

Easy to use and holds tight
We love EcoWeld because of how simple and forgiving it is. You have plenty of open time to pull the Tolex tight and line up your seams perfectly. The glue is easy to work with and spreads evenly. Waterbased and non-toxic, EcoWeld cleans up easily with just warm water.

    Here's how we use it:
  • Mask off any surface you want to avoid getting glue on. Make sure both the Tolex or tweed and the cabinet surface is clean and dry.
  • Using a Glue Brush or roller, spread the glue on both the Tolex and the wood of the cabinet separately. Let glue dry until tacky, about 20-30 minutes.
  • Apply the Tolex, pulling tight and using a squeegee or similar tool to remove the air bubbles. The Tolex can be repositioned during application to get perfect seams and corners.
  • Use Brown Binding Tape along edges and corners to hold the Tolex in place until the glue dries, about 5-6 hours; wait overnight for best results. The glue bond will get stronger over the following days.
  • This is a water based glue, avoid applying or storing below 32°F or above 105°F.

Available in 8.5-ounce (250ml) or 33.8-ounce (1 liter) bottles.

This product can't be shipped in cold weather or by air. Domestic shipping only.

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