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Zinsser Clear Aerosol Shellac

Zinsser Clear Aerosol Shellac

Zinsser Clear Aerosol Shellac

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Zinsser Clear Aerosol Shellac

About This Item

Fast, easy sealer and finish
An old favorite finish, now in an easy aerosol. Ideal for locking in stain colors before the topcoat.

We recommend Zinsser® Bulls Eye® Shellac as a clear sealer under lacquer and most other topcoats. Shellac bonds well to unfinished or stained wood—and other finishes bond well to shellac.

For touchups and refinishing
Shellac is very compatible with other finishes, and it contains no wax. It's a great for repair and refinishing. Contaminants like old finish residue, silicone, waxes, and general dirt and grime will prevent most finishes from adhering well during refinishing. Sealing the surface with shellac will ensure that any contaminants present won't interfere with the new finish.

A complete finish
Shellac makes a good finish on its own, as both sealer and topcoat. It enhances the grain on guitars, mandolins, banjos or fiddles. It doesn't turn yellow or darken with age.

Build your finish with multiple thin coats, as you do with lacquer. In dry weather, coats are dry to the touch in as little as 15 minutes.

Nontoxic and all natural. Cleans up with alcohol or mineral spirits.

12 oz. spray can.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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Great to cover spakle.


Verified Buyer

It is a very good primer. I used latex semi gloss and came out great thanks to the shellac.


Watch out with binding tape on this finish


Finished a uke with this. Waited two weeks, polished it out and it looked great. Masked the top before gluing the bridge and pulled the beautiful finish off. It was the brown binding tape, I should have used a much less tacky tape.
Dries quickly, easy to work with.


Rosewood primer


Verified Buyer

Oily wood, old finishes, and places where nothing sticks are places that shellac may save the day. A major plus in this spray is that it has a bit of amber tint. It dries well and accepts lacquer or synthetics. I do French polishing on older instruments and often use this as a base coat to cut “build” time. Great problem solver and time saver. One disadvantage is that it cannot be tinted. It is what it is. If you use regular canned shellac add lacquer thinner1/4 to the alcohol thinner. It aids drying and helps stop blushing if the humidity is high.


A good product at too high a price


Verified Buyer

In addition to building my own guitars, I sometimes buy electric guitars on the second hand market, make necessary repairs and some improvements, and donate them to kids who want to learn to play but can't afford to buy their own guitars.

Some of these guitars have problems with the finish that I would like to repair before I give them to their new owners. Therein lies a problem. It can be difficult to determine what the original factory finish might have been as well as those of after market finishes. Some types of finishes simply aren't comparable. This can result in the bubbles, peeling, and other blemishes.

I could, of course, sand the second hand guitars down to bare wood but that is a labor intensive process. An easier way to address these issues is to do minimal sanding to smooth out any obvious blemishes, spray the guitar with shellac, and apply a new finish once the shellac has dried. I can apply shellac over paint and then apply lacquer over the shellac without the risk of damaging the finish.

This particular shellac works quite well for my purposes. It is quick and easy to apply. It covers well in one or two coats. It dries quickly and leaves a reasonably smooth surface that needs minimal sanding before it is ready for whatever finish I choose to apply.

So, why am I leaving a three star review instead of a five star review?

The answer is simply the cost. I can buy this product from Stewart MacDonald for $15.98 plus shipping and then wait a few days for it to arrive. Alternatively, I can drive half a mile to the Lowes hardware store near my house, pay $9.00 per can for the exact same product, and have it in my hands today.

I like Stew-Mac and buy plenty of other products from them. Their range of products is hard to match at any other single location plus they have lots of helpful videos to help guide one through just about any guitar related project. However, I suggest that you avoid buying this product from them and instead make a trip to your local big-box hardware store.


Beau Knows


Yes, this is great stuff for the luthier and it is indeed dewaxed shellac. I use it for shellacking spruce tops before cutting in rosettes and binding channels to prevent tearouts and to give a nice edge. I also use it to seal wood grain before using CA (super) glue and sealing before pore filling. Very, very handy stuff in the shop. However I do have a problem with the price. Five stars on effectiveness. 2 stars on price point.


This is a great de waxed shellac product


I have been using this aerosol can of DE WAXED shellac for years to seal the inside of all my instruments to slow down (not stop) humidity being absorbed (to wet) or released (to dry) which can/will/does cause cracks in wood.

You can of course hand wipe shellac into the back/sides of an instrument, but once you use this and it hits every strange angled surface in 10 seconds, it's worth it and one can lasts ages :)