Tried & True Original Wood Finish

Tried & True Original Wood Finish, 1 pint can
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Tried & True Original Wood Finish

Simple, environmentally friendly
An easy to apply oil finish that protects the wood and keeps it clean. The smooth satin result is perfect for players that don't want the feel of a finish on their necks.

No solvents, no VOC's and nature made
Tried & True uses 18th century techniques and all-natural linseed oil and beeswax to make this environmentally safe finish. It has low odor, so it doesn’t stink up your shop.

A little goes a long way
Unlike traditional finishes, a thicker viscosity keeps this finish from being messy and running during application. Thin coats are the key to good results. Additional coats give the look more depth, and it can be used over wood that has already been stained.

Apply a thin coat with a lint-free cloth and allow to penetrate for 1 hour. Work the finish into the wood until the surface is dry to the touch. Let cure for at least 24 hours and burnish with a soft cloth or steel wool.

1 pint can.

California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm