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Sound Synergies STRINGTone Hardware and String Cleaner

Sound Synergies STRINGTone Hardware and String Cleaner

Sound Synergies STRINGTone Hardware and String Cleaner 2-oz. can

2-oz. can

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Sound Synergies STRINGTone Hardware and String Cleaner 7-oz. can

7-oz. can

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Sound Synergies STRINGTone Hardware and String Cleaner

About This Item

Effortless playability and long lasting tone
Like a race car, your guitar has lots of moving parts. Sound Synergies STRINGTone® keeps all your hardware and strings clean and lightly lubricated for improved playability, tone, and longer string life.

You already know that dirty, grimy strings play and sound bad, but this gunk actually affects your entire instrument, leading to poor sound and playability. Now it's easy to clean your strings and hardware at the same time.

Clean and condition your strings and hardware
STRINGTone is a penetrating lubricant that dries fast, without a greasy feeling. For strings, just a quick spray and wipe down will remove the corrosion and prevent further dirt and grime. But the benefits don't stop there. The micro-thin lubricant penetrates all the way to the core of the string, increasing vibration, playability, and dynamics. You'll hear less string noise and "squeak" too.

Better playing hardware
Where STRINGTone really shines is cleaning, conditioning, and lubricating your hardware. Bridge saddles, tremelos/vibratos, and nuts all function and play better when clean and lubricated. Unlike other spray or powdered lubricants, STRINGTone leaves no residue, and does not build up or leave a sticky feeling. All you'll notice is better performance: cleaner bends, dive bombs, and silky vibrato.

  • Micro-thin lubricant keeps all moving parts working smoothly
  • Deep cleans strings for increased response and longer life
  • Provides a barrier against dirt, corrosion, and oxidation
  • Works for all stringed instruments: guitar, bass, violin, mandolin, piano, harp and more
  • Safe for all instrument finishes

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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Excellent for cleaning and lubricating tremolo  systems


Keeps my hardware and tremolos moving free and working great!


i love it


Verified Buyer

I use it with the string cleaner device also sold by Stew-Mac. Keeps the strings fresh sounding and improves playability. Highly recommended.


great clean up


Verified Buyer

This product cleaned strings on a guitar and the tuners