Sound Synergies DynaGlide Tool Conditioner

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Flammable: Cannot ship by air or outside the USA.

Sound Synergies DynaGlide Tool Conditioner

Keep your tools working hard and lasting longer
Sound Synergies DynaGlide® Tool Conditioner maximizes the performance of your cutting tools for faster and better results on every job. You'll even extend the life of your tools too!

You ask a lot of your tools. They need to be sharp, cut smooth, and work flawlessly in a busy shop. But let's face it, the more you use your favorite tools, the faster they wear out. That's where Sound Synergies DynaGlide comes in—it keeps your tools working as flawlessly as when you bought them.

Condition your tools for better performance
Sound Synergies DynaGlide is a dry spray lubricant that coats the tool surface with a high pressure film. This fast-drying film reduces friction and clogging, letting the tool really glide as you use it.

"It's always in use around the shop, most often with nut slotting and fret crowning files!"—Erick Coleman, StewMac advisor and repairman.

We use it on any tool that needs smooth and consistent cutting or filing.

    Here's just a few ways we use it everyday. With just a quick spray:
  • Fret crowning and nut slotting files give chatter-free results
  • Drill, router, and rotary tool bits cut cleaner
  • Saw blades glide through any woods
  • Conditions tool tables for a non-gumming, resin, and adhesive resistant coating

14 oz. can

  • Keeps tools sharp and clean
  • Extends file, blade, bit, and bearing life
  • Prevents corrosion (great when storing tools)
  • Reduces friction and heat for better cuts and longer life
  • Cleans dirt, oils, and moisture from tool tables
  • Fast drying, non-staining, and Silicone free
California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm