Fret Butter

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Fret Butter

One step solution to clean your frets and fretboard
Fret Butter hydrates your fretboard and polishes your frets, all at the same time.

Nothing is harder to clean than a dirty and grimy fingerboard. Sometimes you even have to use a razor blade or scraper to remove the hard and sticky film built up over decades of playing. But it's all too easy to go too far and scratch or dent the fingerboard or frets.

Safely get rid of grime
Fret Butter from DMI Guitar Labs lets you get rid of that gunk and polishes your frets at the same time. The all-in-one cloth is pre-treated with a food-grade cleaner. Simply use the Fret Butter cleaning cloth to apply the cleaner, then use a dry terry cloth rag to scrub and buff the fingerboards and frets. That's it!

Conditioning your fretboard is important: your guitar will play fast and smooth, and you'll prevent cracking and fret sprout in dry winter months.

Cleans and protects
Not only does Fret Butter clean your frets and fretboard, it actually helps protect them too. The cleaner hydrates dry wood and protects against future damage from sweat, acids, and corrosion. Best of all, it contains no harmful chemicals.

  • Safe for all finishes
  • Cruelty-free and vegan
  • Contains only food grade products

Use it again and again
The thick 2" x 6" cloth comes in a resealable pouch and can be reused multiple times.

Not recommended for use on unfinished maple fretboards.