The Responsive Guitar, 2-Volume Set

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The Responsive Guitar, 2-Volume Set

By Ervin Somogyi
A major new 2-volume work on acoustic guitar theory, design and construction from master luthier Ervin Somogyi.

Acoustic guitar theory, design, and construction.
A comprehensive look into the design and construction of the steel-string acoustic and classical guitar, from a master luthier, teacher and guitar theoretician. Book One, The Responsive Guitar, explores the current and historical "why" of guitarmaking: soundbox dynamics and voicing, bracing theory, the mechanics of sustain, projection and playability, and more. In Book Two, Making The Responsive Guitar, Ervin Somogyi applies these principles to the "how" of guitarmaking: the entire process from first to last steps. These books are Somogyi's masterwork, formidable classics of guitarmaking literature to be treasured by serious students of the craft.

342 and 282 pages, hardcover. 2-volume set supplied in a handsome protective slipcase.

"I expect these books to become the textbooks for guitarmakers for the next generation." —Dick Boak, C.F. Martin & Co.

Contents in brief:

Book One, The Responsive Guitar
Handmade vs. factory-made guitars
Wood as a material
Dynamics of the guitar
Functions and selection of bracing and bracing systems
Basics of guitar design
Physics of the neck
Functions of the guitar back
Problems of intonation
The guitar bridge
A rational approach to voicing the soundbox
Dynamic importance of the soundhole
Amplifyiing and recording acoustic guitars
Aesthetics and ornamentation
Guitar cutaways
Domes vs. flat face construction
Joinery and the neck/body joint
Action, setup and playability
Mechanisms of sustain and projection
Long-term changes in tone
A common vocabulary for sound
The flamenco guitar
342 pages, hardcover.

Book Two, Making The Responsive Guitar
Tools, sharpening and tool usage
Molds, jigs and workboards
Wood treatment and storage
Glues and adhesives
Constructing the soundboard and back
Making the neck, heel and head
Making the sides, blocks and linings
Body assembly
Bindings, purflings and channels
Cutaway joinery
Neck alignment and attachment
Proper treatment of the fretboard and frets
Making, placing and setting up the bridge
Action, setup, playability and intonation
French polish finishing
Fixing mistakes
Evaluating your guitar
Marketing your work
282 pages, hardcover

Ervin Somogyi is a renowned California guitarmaker and lutherie instructor whose instruments are prized for their extraordinary voicing and astounding craftsmanship. His approach and philosophy of lutherie are the result of over 40 years of acoustic guitarmaking.
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