The Mandolin: A History




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The Mandolin: A History

By Graham McDonald
Trace the history of the mandolin across centuries and continents. Full of photographs and illustrations, this book explores the wide variety of mandolins while telling the stories of who, how, why and where they have been made.

"After over 50 years of collecting and dealing instruments and establishing a reputation as a knowledgeable dealer, I find it very refreshing to encounter a book which opens new vistas for me."—George Gruhn, Gruhn Guitars

Over 450 illustrations and photographs
Many players are familiar with modern mandolins, but not everyone knows about the European ancestors that inspired them. European-style, or bowl-back mandolins, and the American-style carved-top-and-back variants are covered in detail.

You'll learn about influential companies like Lyon & Healy, Martin, the Larson brothers, Epiphone, and D'Angelico. A full chapter on Gibson F-style mandolins includes a recap of the periods of revival under Roger Siminoff and Charlie Derrington. Other builders profiled include Bruce Weber, Lynn Dudenbostel, and Steve Gilchrist.

    Chapters in brief:
  • Origins of the instrument
  • The Middle Ages & Renaissance
  • The Baroque
  • The Italian Mandolin
  • The American Mandolin
  • Gibson
  • Chicago builders
  • New York builders
  • Boston builders
  • Harps, Banjos, Resonators, and Electrics
  • 20th Century European Mandolin
  • Japan & East Asia
  • Spain, Portugal & Beyond
  • The Balkans to Central Asia
  • One item
  • 20th Century citterns
  • Tuning Machines

410 pages, softcover.