The Box Maker's Guitar Book




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The Box Maker's Guitar Book

By Doug Stowe
You don't need any experience to build a great instrument!

If you're a complete beginner to instrument building, this is the place to start!
You can start small and get the skills you'll need—don't worry about taking on a complex and expensive project. Building a box guitar is an easy and fun way to get confidence and have fun too.

It's simple, you don't need any experience at all or expensive tools to make a good sounding and playing instrument. Author Doug Stowe has taken out the mystery and written a guide for the complete beginner. You can start building NOW!

With clear directions written in plain language (with pictures and step-by-step instructions), The Box Maker's Guitar Book introduces you to building in a fun and friendly way. With this course for a simple build you'll make a great sounding instrument on your first try.

Learn all the skills you'll need
Whether building with existing cigar boxes or putting together your own, Stowe makes it easy to complete a build with any skill level. Included are fully illustrated guides for making the simplest box to a more complex build.

Each section teaches you the skills you'll need to start and finish the instrument. You'll learn how to make a neck, making nuts, saddles, tailpieces, fretting, finishing and more. Stowe uses a combination of traditional and homemade parts to make your guitar a unique, personal work of art. Full color throughout, makes a great coffee table book or gift.

168 pages, paperback.

    Chapters Covering:
  • Making a kit guitar
  • Box sides
  • Necks
  • Frets
  • Tops and backs
  • Finishing
  • Tuners and tailpieces
  • Bridges and nuts
  • Electrifying your guitar
  • Making a ukulele

Also includes illustrations with dimensions and wiring diagrams, and a gallery of finished guitars for inspiration.

Easy and simple instructions to make an instrument in no time!