Making a Concert Classical Guitar




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Making a Concert Classical Guitar

With John Bogdanovich
10-disc DVD set! The ultimate video resource for building a concert-grade classical guitar.

15 hours, 10 DVDs — The definitive resource!
Enthusiastic readers of John's popular book Classical Guitar Making encouraged the production of this tour de force 10-disc set. This is the most complete video resource for building a concert-grade classical guitar. Every construction step is demonstrated in clear and concise wide-screen detail, with helpful graphics featured at key stages. The production quality is outstanding.

"When building my first guitar I found it necessary to amass a huge pile of reference material because all the information did not exist in any one place. Now all you need is contained on these 10 discs, including the drawings. Here is a golden opportunity to really learn about guitars, the art of guitar making, and pick up some pretty good woodworking tips and techniques along the way."
—John Bogdanovich

Making a Concert Classical Guitar is aimed at the experienced woodworker. The DVDs introduce new techniques for incorporating a treble-enhancing open lower transverse soundboard brace, a different design than the guitar construction in John's book.

Essential PDF files are included for printing out full-sized guitar plans, templates, and drawings for making useful construction fixtures.

Disc 1 Tools Making workboards Wood Making bindings
Disc 2 Making trim Bending and laminating the sides Making and installing the linings
Disc 3 Making the neck Shaping and drilling the headstock Shaping the heel
Disc 4 Jointing and shaping the top Making the rosette
Disc 5 Bracing and voicing the soundboard
Disc 6 Jointing, shaping and bracing the back Assembling the neck and sides
Disc 7 Fitting and installing the top and back Cutting binding channels Installing purflings
Disc 8 Installing bindings Making, installing and fretting the fingerboard
Disc 9 Final shaping the neck Making the bridge Varnishing the guitar
Disc 10 Fitting the nut and saddle Gluing the bridge Installing tuners Stringing and final setup Insightful intterview and concert by guitarist Stanley Yates, playing the finished guitar.

Printable PDF files on Disc 10:
Full-size guitar plans
Top and back templates
Solera with rims
Side slot cutting jig
Purfling cutter
Inside heel cutting sled
Shooting boards
Bench hook
Bridge locator

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