Contemporary Acoustic Guitar Design and Build - 2nd Edition



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Contemporary Acoustic Guitar Design and Build - 2nd Edition

By Trevor Gore and Gerard Gilet
A comprehensive 2-volume manual applying science to making superior sounding acoustic guitars.

THE definitive scientific approach to guitar design
A beautiful data driven approach to guitarmaking. Gore and Gilet apply physics, the science of hearing, advanced materials and building techniques on their quest to build "the perfect guitar". Each point is backed by mathematical modeling, testable results, and experimentation. Gore and Gilet discuss in great detail how every element and part of the guitar impacts its overall sound and performance. By carefully evaluating each of these elements scientifically, they devise what they consider to be the optimum way to design, shape, and install every facet of the instrument.

The second volume applies these principles to four different builds, two steel string and two nylon string acoustic guitars. They demonstrate the process of building from choosing woods, through finishing, and eventually final setup. Four full-sized plans are included, with four different top bracing methods illustrated in exacting detail: x-braced, fan braced, lattice braced, and falcate braced. Each step is carefully explained, with images, diagrams, measurements, and equations throughout.

From the authors: "The book covers the theory of sound and the guitar covering the science of acoustics, human perception of sound and hearing, vibration and resonance properties of materials, acoustic radiation, its application to the guitar, the process of building a guitar based from rough sawn wood up to finishing and set-up and includes plans for four types of guitar (fan braced classical, lattice braced classical, x-braced steel string and falcate braced steel string)."

Blur the line between art and science
If you love data and science, you'll love their approach to design and building. These are for the builder who likes to get deep into the physics and engineering side of guitar making. These volumes are a great reference when looking to improve your own builds. When you are on a quest to improve the sound and performance of the guitars you build, look no further than these books for ideas.

These are a course in modern design and construction and will serve as a resource of techniques for years to come.

390 and 480 pages, hardcover, full color, and four full sized plans.

"These guys are the world leaders in guitar building." Tommy Emmanuel

Take your build to the next level with this expert guide!

Contents in brief:
Volume 1 - Design
Principles of Vibration and Acoustics for Guitar Designers
Simple harmonic motion
Introduction to the mechanics of beams
Resonance and vibration sensitivity
Vibrations of strings and the forces they exert
Introduction to vibration of bars and plates
Sound radiation from the guitar
Analytical guitar models and their use
Simulation of a guitar's frequency response
The Design objective—The Perfect guitar
Component design
Guitar woods
Wood Properties that matter
Design of braces and bracing systems
Design of plates
Body shapes
Bridge design

Volume 2- Build
A brief review of assembly systems
Our approach to building
Workshop, Tools, Equipment, and Jigs
Sharpening tools and process
Measuring instruments and marking tools
Special tooling, fixtures, and jigs
Glues and general gluing practice
The Neck
Cutting the neck tenon
Joining and thicknessing the panels
Rosette Making
Final thicknessing
Soundhole Reinforcement
Cutting out the soundhole
Thicknessing the sides
Making braces
Bending the sides
Making the end blocks and linings
Bracing the panels
Bracing the top
X-braced top
Fan braced top
Lattice braced top
Falcate braced top
Assembling the Top, Back and sides
Binding and Purfling
Fitting the neck
Making the Fretboard
The Bolt-on Neck Joint
The Bridge and Saddle
Fitting the tuners, Nut and Saddle

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