StewMac Precision Measuring Tool Set

StewMac Precision Measuring Tool Set
StewMac Precision Measuring Tool Set Item # 4913 In stock, ready to ship!
StewMac Precision Measuring Tool Set
StewMac Precision Measuring Tool Set, Metric Item # 4913-M In stock, ready to ship!
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StewMac Precision Measuring Tool Set

The StewMac Precision Measuring Tool Set includes 3 of our most popular measuring tools in one convenient package—the Shop Rule, String Action Gauge, and Luthier's Square. Used by premier builders and repair shops alike, these tools are manufactured with impeccable attention to detail and designed to last a lifetime. This set is available in SAE/Inches or Metric and, as with all of our tools, comes with our industry leading 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The instruments that leave your bench will only be as precise as the tools used to work on them. This is THE most accurate set of measurement tools on the market for those who build or repair instruments. These tools will allow you to take pinpoint specific readings and add confidence to every single setup that comes through your shop.

Our Shop Rule is a 6-inch (152mm) precision steel rule designed specifically for instrument work. The satin chrome finish allows for easy marking with a pencil and the sharp black etching is easily viewed even in low light conditions. Each end of our Shop Rule includes small vertical rulers—perfect for measuring the saddle, nut, or pickup height. In addition, our Rule has a zero at the center, which eliminates guesswork when trying to find the center of the neck, bridge, or saddle. It's a tool we reach for constantly.
Metric in the metric set.

Our String Action Gauge is truly a "Swiss Army Ruler" for setup work on any stringed instrument. This pocket sized rule allows for quick and dependable measurement of string height, bridge saddle height, saddle slot depth, fret slot depth, nut height, and pickup pole piece height. Developed in the StewMac shop, our gauge also includes a progressive string height scale: simply slide it across the frets and read the measurement under the string. It's much faster to use than a ruler, with the added benefit of always staying parallel to the fingerboard; easily one of the most feature packed tools in the StewMac catalog! Metric in the metric set.

Our Luthier's Square is a 4" long, .040" thick precision steel square with a satin chrome finish that allows for pencil marking. Useful for squaring up parts, accurately setting up tools, and endless other tasks around the shop—our Luthier's Square is perfectly sized for instrument builders. The notched inside corner allows it to fit against corners snugly, without any wobble. Two tools in one! The back of the tool has the same measurements in metric.

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