Pedal Building Tool Set

Pedal Building Tool Set, Domestic, 110-volt
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Pedal Building Tool Set, International, 220-volt
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Pedal Building Tool Set

Start building your own effects pedals
Are you ready to take control over your sound? Here's all the right tools you need to get started.

Building pedals is super fun and really rewarding. With just a few solder joints and a bit of tinkering, you can shape your tone in completely new ways. When you're first getting started it can seem overwhelming with all the tiny transistors, resistors, and delicate connections. Now we've made it easy even if you're new to working on electronics.

We've picked the quality tools pros use so you'll have great sounding pedals right from the start. From keeping PC boards steady, to stripping fine wires, to making tiny connections, this set has everything you need for solid connections and trouble-free builds.

The Pedal Building Tool Set includes:

Guitar Tech Screwdriver and Wrench Also sold separately
This handy screwdriver set has every specialized bit you need to build pedals and a whole lot more. With this set you can install all of the knobs, switches, nuts, and jacks you'll come across, and even adjust tiny trim pots inside pedals too. Not only that, you can adjust all the hardware on your instruments too.

PC Board Holder Also sold separately
This is the essential third hand you need when building pedals! One small slip can ruin a trace or melt a fragile component. You need both hands for these jobs, and holding your work steady is important for a clean connection (and so you don't burn yourself!). This holder locks the board steady and moves in any direction you need, which makes it easy to solder on crowded PCBs.

Wire Cutter Also sold separately
This isn't your ordinary wire cutter—the extremely fine angled cutter allows you to get close to your solder joints and trim away all excess component leads. This is integral to having fewer shorted connections in your builds.

Fine-gauge Wire Stripper Also sold separately
Pedals (and pickups too) use very fine wires that are nearly impossible to strip with hardware store strippers, and it's easy to damage the wire and ruin the connection. These strippers make removing the coating from tiny wires a total breeze.

Solomon SR-965 Soldering Iron Also sold separately
This dependable iron gets the job done without breaking the bank. The fine point tip is perfectly made for soldering a printed circuit board. It heats up fast and gives you the right control to make delicate connections.

Solomon Soldering Stand Also sold separately
The stand keeps the iron held safely and the included sponge keeps the tip clean for better connections.

Solder Wick Also sold separately
The right way to fix soldering mistakes! Solder Wick is essential for getting the solder out of a joint without overheating and burning out the pads on delicate printed circuit boards. It helps clean up excess solder too.

Delta 60/40 Solder Also sold separately
The right solder for guitar electronics! We find that one tube lasts for 3-4 pedals worth of solder joints. Approximately 15 feet (457cm) of 60/40 rosin core solder in a handy, easy to use compact dispenser tube. International set includes lead-free solder.

#2318 includes a 110-volt AC electrical appliance, 60Hz. It has a U.S. standard Type A plug with two flat parallel prongs, ungrounded.

#2319 includes a 220-volt AC electrical appliance, 50Hz. It has an international plug Type C (Europlug) with two round prongs, ungrounded.

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