Titanium Neck Reinforcement Rod

Titanium Neck Reinforcement Rod, For guitar
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Titanium Neck Reinforcement Rod, For bass
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Titanium Neck Reinforcement Rod

Substantially different from graphite or steel.
Lightweight and strong, with a "memory" that forever pulls back to its original shape.

Cold rolled titanium adds resonance and sustain to your guitar's tone. The added rigidity and pull helps the truss rod to function more effectively.

Resonates better than steel for richer highs, mids, and lows. Adding titanium to your neck will change the point of vibration which can improve tone and eliminate dead spots.

"The most obvious difference is the way it feels in my hand. The titanium makes it seem more solid but much more alive. Sonically it is more even, and the response is quicker. The notes seem to jump off the board. it's a very interesting phenomenon."—Michael Tobias, MTD Bass

Install one rod on each side of the truss rod to increase neck rigidity. For 5 and 6-string basses where two truss rods are used, many builders use three reinforcement rods: one on each side of the neck and one between the two truss rods. The reinforcement rods make the neck much more rigid, while still allowing the truss rods to manipulate the neck. Unlike carbon fiber, titanium requires no epoxy or glue to install. Simply rout the channel and insert the rod.

4410 For guitar
0.236" x 0.117" x 17-13/16" length
(6mm x 2.97mm x 452mm)
4411 For bass
0.236" x 0.117" x 21-11/16" length
(6mm x 2.97mm x 550mm)
California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm