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T-Style Electric Guitar Kit

T-Style Electric Guitar Kit

T-Style Electric Guitar Kit Mahogany with Maple Fingerboard

Mahogany with Maple Fingerboard

Item # 5282
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T-Style Kit + 50% Off Blond Finishing Set

T-Style Kit + 50% Off Blond Finishing Set

Item # 15282
Due 1+ month
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List Price $299.29
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T-Style Kit + 50% Off 2-Tone Tobacco Sunburst Finishing Set

T-Style Kit + 50% Off 2-Tone Tobacco Sunburst Finishing Set

Item # 15283
Due 1+ month
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List Price $339.30
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T-Style Electric Guitar Kit

About This Item

Welcome to guitar building!
If you're new to guitar building this kit's a great way to start: this is the classic electric guitar design that's fun to build, and you'll learn a lot.

The body and smooth neck are higher quality than other kits at this price. The parts fit perfectly, and with our instructions this is an easy build that makes a great guitar—and a great gift!

We've included a great set of illustrated instructions that'll take you step-by-step through the whole process from: creating a custom peghead, installing and aligning the neck, wiring the pickups, applying a finish, installing hardware and even doing a final setup on your custom guitar.

And, if that weren't enough, we're also including an extra set of premium guitar strings to make your guitar sound amazing.

Whether it's your first or your 50th, this is an affordable way to build a great guitar.

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Blond Also sold separately
This is the timeless translucent blond finish seen on 1950s and 1960s Teles.

2-Tone Tobacco Sunburst Also sold separately
This translucent finish makes the wood grain pop and shimmer. When you burst the edges, the subtle transition gives the guitar a stunning glow.

    T-Style Electric Guitar Kit includes:
  • Body is pre-routed and drilled for the proper placement of the neck, pickups, control cavity and bridge
  • Pre-fretted maple neck with blank peghead and pre-installed 2-way truss rod
  • Pre-installed fingerboard inlays
  • Slotted nut
  • Sealed tuners
  • Neck and bridge pickups
  • A wired switch plate for easy installation
  • Output jack
  • Classic Tele-style bridge and chrome hardware
  • 2 sets of strings
  • Setup adjustment wrenches
  • An output cord

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -



Product Instructions

T-style Electric Guitar Kit Instructions

Downloadable assembly instructions for the T-Style Guitar Kit.

ColorTone Aerosol Finishing Set Instructions

All the steps you need to spray a perfect finish

How to shape a custom guitar peghead

Make a signature peghead! Learn how to make a custom guitar peghead that can give your guitar a unique vibe. Using a pattern, a jigsaw and a router, see how easy it is to make a peghead template and rout a custom peghead shape into your guitar's headstock, just like the professionals.

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First build is great!


Verified Buyer

I was nervous about drilling and soldering, but it turned out great. Sounds real good. The directions were misleading at one point. The volume pot was different than what is pictured. It grounds differently. Other than that, smooth sailing.


Great guitar for the money!


Verified Buyer

I bought this kit to try out and test-assembled it as it was out out the box to see what it would sound like. And it sounds great! It is really resonnant, the whole thing vibrates when you play, as a quality guitar would. The sound is not muddy and is bright and clear. Maybe not as bright as alder would be, but pretty close. Defenitly has that tele sound. The body is a two-piece mahogany, neck is maple with maple fretboard, which is unusal. Instead of doing the "skunk stripe" they put an actual fretboard on it. Neck profile is very thick, much like the 50s tele U-profile. And it has dual-action truss rod that works! I was expecting the pickups to be rubbish, but they are actually pretty good too. The bridge cavity in the body is slightly smaller than on a Fender, and will need to be enlarged a bit to accomodate a different pickup. The pots regulate volume and tone smoothly and the solderimg job is good on them. The tuners feel a bit flimsy, but they work fine for a guitar without tremolo. I did not like the frets that are on it, they turned yellowish green color, maybe the alloy they are made from is not great, But I'm changing them anyway, as I want to convert it to 9.5 inch radius (comes with a 12 inch). I think that with a bone nut and brass saddles and better fretts and a nitro finish and maybe some pickups this guitar would rival mexican and japanese Fenders! And you can make a belly cut in it!


Tele style kit


Verified Buyer

This guitar should turn out really well. All the parts fit nicely and the fretwork on the neck is well done. Shaping neck to my favorite shaped already owned Tele. The body is nice enough that I am going to do a French Polish finish. Photos to come soon. Thanks StewMac


loving it so far!


Verified Buyer

just got started on my kit, finishing the neck and body almost complete and so far great! the manual is very helpful and easy to follow. i'll be starting on the electrical this week, looking forward to it!


Great kit, but is noticeably flawed


Verified Buyer

So I bought this telecaster kit to throw a bigsby on because fender telecasters with stock bigsbys arent kind to the wallet.

Very few holes drilled for you, thus freedom to install your own stuff and customize it and make it your own.

Leveled frets, ends were a tad sharp but that takes like 15 minutes to fix up.

Nice grain on the body and wood.

Decent amount of the wiring is done for you.

Neck pocket holes drilled into the body were not done well, only 3 out of the 4 line up with the backplate provided. Come on....

Pickguard was horribly done not fitting around the stock metal components in the kit and came distorted around the neck needing to be trimmed.

The nut was cut wayyyy to high and the frets on the neck are scratched to hell but also polished. This actually shocked me because of stewmacs reputation for guitar repair.

If you haven't built a guitar before but know how to do average woodworking your going to be fine. Also if your going to mod the hell out of it the the stock wood is great and thus makes me say get it. HOWEVER If you don't have the tools/nervous about drilling alot of holes I would recommend going for another kit.


It's an experience


Verified Buyer

I wasn't expecting an amazing tele in a box with minimum work, I was expecting it to take a bit of an effort and tools to get it right, but I was expecting a bit less of a hassle from a stewmac kit. Every video shows a nice snug fit for the neck, the neck hole in my kit is too big and doesn't allign with the neck, body angle, or pickguard and I'm still figuring out how to fix that. There's a hole that goes from the neck pickup to the neck ... for some reason... I don't know if it's a trade secret for wiring another gorund cable, if it's mean to provide a little window for the neck pickup to whisper pickup lines to the neck, if there's a ventilation system for telecasters I don't know about, etc. The point is, there's a hole there that isn't in the instructions nor in any of the pictures and since I've never worked much with fender guitars, I'm stumped. The frets aren't perfect and have gaps underneath them ( I'm assuming the grainfiller will take care of that). And theese kits typically get two piece bodies, maybe a three piece, but mine came with a 0.6+0.3+0.1 piece that looks like just glued a two random pieces to a broken body or something. It doesn't bother me much, but if anyone is counting on the grain for one of those classic finishes with the grain patter showing through the finish...keep an open mind.


Good kit but tools are an issue


Verified Buyer

I am sitting around staying home and have played guitar for more years then I will admit. I had the idea of building one using a kit. I have built other things using kits and have always found the experience fun and rewarding. The kit came in good time and includes ALMOST everything you need to build the guitar. My one complaint is that the advertising says this is easy and anyone can build one. However, they neglect to disclose that there are some specialty tools that are required that I never had and I bet the average Joe does not have them either. Things like a fret file and files for the nut are good examples. Additionally, there are special tools for painting and holding the parts while they dry that you must either purchase or build yourself. These can be very expensive. Stew Mac is happy to sell you these tools but they are not cheap. So what started out as a$150-175 project can easily end up costing you closer to or even more than $300. For that price you can buy a low grade Squier or Epiphone. Of course buying is not as rewarding as building but cost can be a factor for some. Stew Mac needs to disclose ALL of the required tools in there advertising so that the true cost of the build can be determined. Otherwise, I am having fun and learning a lot while I build.


Very pleased with this item


Verified Buyer

I a, very pleased with this. Very little woodwork to be done other than preparing everything for painting. It will be be good when I've finished working on it.


It is what it is, and it ain't what it aint.


Verified Buyer

I am a budding luthier/guitar assembler, but I've played for 32 years. I know what's what.

I bought this kit, after reviewing and considering many other kits from popular kit sellers. I chose StewMac because of the return policy, detailed descriptions and instructions, and a presumed level of quality that should be average, or better than average. Also, it had a mahogany body, which I wanted. I have no other kit experience to compare to this one. It's my first. My plan was to obtain a neck and body and surplus hardware. I am planning to buy top of the line components to put on this build. Here are my engineer's observations:

- The through holes for the neck mounting were not evenly spaced. They were not CNC-ed.

- The neck was not a tight fit in the neck pocket. There is about a 1 mm gap.

- The neck plate has an unevenness on opposing sides where it looks like a tab was broken off, then plated. It does not have "smooth" sides.

- The neck had a slight torsion about it that was obvious when "sighting the neck."

- There was tear out around one of the fretboard marker dots.

- The stock neck profile is super fat. This is good for anyone with the desire to shape their own neck; it's "stock safe." However, if you're not planning to shape/contour the neck, it's plenty chunky.

- The body was pretty much free of dings/dents

- The maple fretboard had some nice figuring/rings.

- The fret ends were of varying lengths, and of course sharp. Just be prepared to be a luthier and deal with this.

I don't have a lot more to say about the hardware, because again, I'm not planning to use much of it. Overall, it seems pretty good, I'm just a little disappointed about the twisted neck. I was expecting StewMac quality standards to screen that sort of thing out. I'm going to try to make it work.

Response from StewMac

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for sharing this excellent feedback with us, we reallyappreciate that. We are sorry to hear that the T-Style Electric Guitar Kit did not work for you as expected. We have sent you an email so that we can work on making this right. Just reply to that message when you get a chance and our customer service team will take care of everything. In the meantime, our Product Development team is looking into this further. We look forward to hearing back from you and can't thank you enough for this helpful feedback.


Couldn't be happier


Verified Buyer

This kit is everything you need to start working on a killer guitar. I'm putting in a little more effort to get the perfect finnish, and can't wait to see what it looks like when it's done.

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