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StewMac OM Acoustic Guitar Kit

StewMac OM Acoustic Guitar Kit

StewMac OM Acoustic Guitar Kit Dovetail Neck, Sitka Top, Mahogany Back & Sides

Dovetail Neck, Sitka Top, Mahogany Back & Sides

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2 or more $518.35
StewMac OM Acoustic Guitar Kit Dovetail Neck, Torrefied Top, Mahogany Back & Sides

Dovetail Neck, Torrefied Top, Mahogany Back & Sides

Item # 5283-T
In stock, ready to ship!


2 or more $532.53
StewMac OM Acoustic Guitar Kit Bolt-on Neck, Sitka Top, Mahogany Back & Sides

Bolt-on Neck, Sitka Top, Mahogany Back & Sides

Item # 5284
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2 or more $532.10
StewMac OM Acoustic Guitar Kit Bolt-on Neck, Torrefied Top, Mahogany Back & Sides

Bolt-on Neck, Torrefied Top, Mahogany Back & Sides

Item # 5284-T
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2 or more $546.27
StewMac OM Acoustic Guitar Kit Dovetail Neck, Sitka Top, Indian Rosewood Back & Sides

Dovetail Neck, Sitka Top, Indian Rosewood Back & Sides

Item # 5285
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2 or more $550.33
StewMac OM Acoustic Guitar Kit Dovetail Neck, Torrefied Top, Indian Rosewood Back & Sides

Dovetail Neck, Torrefied Top, Indian Rosewood Back & Sides

Item # 5285-T
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2 or more $564.51
StewMac OM Acoustic Guitar Kit Bolt-on Neck, Sitka Top, Indian Rosewood Back & Sides

Bolt-on Neck, Sitka Top, Indian Rosewood Back & Sides

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2 or more $564.09
StewMac OM Acoustic Guitar Kit Bolt-on Neck, Torrefied Top, Indian Rosewood Back & Sides

Bolt-on Neck, Torrefied Top, Indian Rosewood Back & Sides

Item # 5286-T
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2 or more $578.27
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StewMac OM Acoustic Guitar Kit

About This Item

The only OM kit available with the features from the original era!
This is an accurate representation of a 1933 Martin OM—period correct shape, bridge and pickguard. The body shape and bracing patterns were taken directly from a 1933 OM. Now you can build a great sounding OM from AAA-grade tonewoods and the advantage of precision machining from our Ohio shop.

  • Carved mahogany neck
  • Accurately bent sides
  • Bookmatched back, joined and cut to shape
  • AAA spruce top with soundhole and rosette channel
  • Solid ebony fingerboard, bridge, and overlays

Designed with your success in mind
With the kit, you get a lot of help to make sure your guitar turns out great. The full-size blueprint is modeled after a prized vintage Martin, and shows exactly how every part fits. A sturdy cardboard body mold holds the guitar sides in the perfect contour as you build.

The instruction book is really a short course in guitarmaking, by luthiers Todd Sams and Dan Erlewine; no other kit has anything like it. Todd and Dan made the step-by-step DVD that's included with the kit, too. From start to finish, these guitarmakers guide you to a successful build.

You don't need a big shop
We've done the critical machining, so the neck joint and other parts fit well right from the start.

A slotted bone nut and shaped bone saddle are included, along with inlays, bindings and our two-way Hot Rod truss rod. (We know that tuning machines are something you'll prefer to choose for yourself.)

New torrefied spruce option
Choose a torrefied spruce top for the stability, tone and look of well-aged vintage wood. This high-temperature, low-oxygen kiln drying improves the wood, similar to decades of natural aging.

    Included in our kits:
  • Solid AAA tonewoods: spruce, indian rosewood and mahogany
  • Precisely machined neck joint at the 14-fret, dovetail or bolt-on
  • Bridge pins, end pin, frets, pickguard, bindings, rosette and trim
  • Hot Rod two-way adjustable truss rod
  • Precut heavy cardboard molds for trouble-free body assembly
  • Full-size blueprint and bracing template
  • Illustrated 36-page spiral-bound instruction book
  • Step-by-step DVD: Building an Acoustic Guitar Kit

View the complete parts list (PDF file 4.9MB).

What tools do you need to build this kit?
Our kit instructions has a complete list of all tools and supplies needed. We offer easy-to-order sets of the tools that kit builders find most useful.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -



Product Instructions

OM Guitar Kit Instructions

Downloadable assembly instructions for the OM Acoustic Guitar Kit, including a recommended tool and supplies list.

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Awesome Sounding Guitar, Fun Project


Verified Buyer

I built this for my good friend who is a talented guitar player and singer. This build took a bit longer with the unpredictable year but it was well worth it. This is the first guitar I've built with a torrefied spruce top. The tone with the mahogany is rich and warm. As a primarily fingerstyle guitar player, I played this one quite a lot before handing it over to it's owner.


Turned out Great!!


Verified Buyer

I finished my kit last week. The guitar plays very well and sounds great. I replaced the plastic bridge pins and end pin with snakewood. I made the pickguard smaller (teardrop). The top seems thick to me. I didn't have a way to thickness sand it, so I built it with the thicker top. It sounds great.! Sides were bent well. Wood looks great. I built a couple of ukuleles first to practice my techniques so that this guitar wouldn't be a first for anything. Highly recommended!


Took me to school


Verified Buyer

I got my kit last year but due to the high humidity in my area, I had to wait till mid winter to build it. I spent my wait time researching and building jigs. The kit is made to be put together with a minimum of fuss and no jigs, but I had to do something with my time. Because I made radius dishes, body mold and vertical routing stand, things came out a lot different. The body depth is only 3 1/8" at the neck and 3 3/4 at the end graft - too much taken by the radius sanding. Also, my body mold came out a little longer than spec so the torrefied top was barely long enough. This put the sound hole a bit out of range. I wished StewMac had given me a little more material to work with. So my advice is stick with the program as set. Note that the plans do not show the flat brace in the upper bout, though it is in the kit (may keep the top from splitting at the edge of the fingerboard later on). I was disappointed with the amount of falloff on the upper frets, even though I rarely use those frets. I'm not sure how they could rectify that. Also, the intonation has been tricky to deal with. I installed a wider saddle, but my bass E string is still a bit sharp on the frets. A word of advice: take your time, and more time, leveling and dressing the frets properly, because at that stage, you will be really anxious to get done and start playing. All said, I love the guitar with all it's faults and it's the best sounding and easiest to play of all my previous guitars. I'm working on my 2nd guitar now. With all I've learned from this one and all the fantastic advice on the web and from my local luthier, I'm building this one from scratch.


Great Kit, Great Customer Service


Verified Buyer

I played my completed OM guitar this weekend for the first time. It sounds amazing. Better than my Martin D28. This is a good kit with quality materials. I found a few little discrepancies in the instructions as noted in one of the other reviews. However, nothing that would prevent a quality build. In the kit as well as in the additional items I ordered (tools, adhesives, etc.) there were a couple things that were incorrect or defective. In all cases Stewmac's customer service took care of the issues with no questions asked. I have no complaints whatsoever, and would (and probably will) purchase another kit from them. A few words of caution if you are thinking about building a guitar:

1. Don't build a guitar to save money. You have to want to build a guitar. I probably had over $1,200 into materials and tools for mine. A guitar of the quality that I built would have cost several thousand. I did save money, but not if I added up all my hours. However, the experience was very rewarding.

2. If you have no woodworking experience, make sure you do your research well and evaluate whether you are up to the challenge. I have worked with my hands for many years, and this project challenged me in new ways.


Proofread the instructions


The kit and service are top-notch. A word to the wise about the instruction manual, though; I think they recycled the dreadnought instruction manual and in so doing made a couple of editing errors specific to the OM. You'll notice that the length of an OM is 19 1/4, but there two references to a 20-inch length: "kit tip: trimming" on page 10, and instruction #2 on page 11. It's wrong in the Pre-War OM manual, too. The Pre-War has a few more recent techniques/suggestions, and it's well worth a read. They also threw in a popsicle brace, which is a dreadnought thing, but it's nice to have extra spruce!


Wonderful guitar!


Verified Buyer

This kit is everything as advertised! Customer Service and the technical help are fantastic. I didn't like the neck that came and they sent me another which worked out fine. I was hesitant about attaching the dovetail neck, but had lots of coaching and it turned out fine. I actually like and play this guitar more than my Martin J40, the sound is terrific. I am ready to order my next project.


Another great kit


Verified Buyer

I built the Triple 0 kit a year and a half ago and it is now my favorite acoustic. This OM kit should be right up there. All the parts and instructions are top notch. My first kit was a dovetail neck joint. Thought I would try the bolt on neck joint with this one. Will add a photo when complete. Thanks StewMac


An Acoustic Guitar for my Daughter


Verified Buyer

I build this Guitar for my Daughter, as she teaches music voluntarily to many school children.
I'm going to be 92 in September, so you guys out there, it's never to late to start a hobby.


What a learning experience! Great support from Stewmac


Verified Buyer

First time trying any degree of woodworking -- why not a guitar. With the quick initial delivery (no problems with Customs, etc. to get it into Canada), and by providing good guidance (book and video) it has been a challenging yet rewarding experience for me. And when I found something had gone wrong with the neck the Customer Service provided a replacement with a couple days. I am in the final stages of setup now, but the guitar already looks, feels and sounds really, really really good ! I now have the knowledge, and a few new tools, that will make the next one even better I am sure -- can't stop now.


Great kit for first time builder


I thought the materials supplied were first class. However, the sides should be marked - top and bottom. I had a hard time determining which was the top. I would also have liked to have been able to have wood bindings as an add-on option. I would also like to see some plans added to the kit (or available to purchase) that show how to make a fixture and "cone" for routing the binding ledges. The winder machines were too short and dont leave much room to wind the base strings. Suggestions on proper winders should be included. All in all--a great kit!
I was able to finish it in about 6 weeks, and it sounds great!

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