StewMac Body-Built Acoustic Guitar Kit


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StewMac Body-Built Acoustic Guitar Kit

Have you always wanted to build an acoustic you could take ANYWHERE? One that you could throw over your shoulder and take camping? Not only road-worthy, but sounded amazing too? Now you can!

Based on customer requests, we developed this kit to be far simpler with less woodworking than a traditional kit. Now ANYONE can build an exceptional acoustic in a small space and with minimal tools.

Built for the road
This guitar features a solid Sitka Spruce top for exceptional tone and a rich voice. Many artists prefer a worry-free acoustic for traveling, so we chose laminated Sapele for the back and sides for resistance to temperature and humidity changes. 

Building your first acoustic just got a whole lot easier
What makes it so easy? The body is built for you! We've expertly braced the top and back, assembled the body, and bound it completely. These steps can be very complicated and require a lot of specialized tools.

If you've been on the fence about building an acoustic guitar but thought it looked too intimidating, this is the guitar you've been waiting for—you'll build it using many tools you already own.

The ultimate head start
We've taken care of the intimidating and tricky parts. With about half the work already done for you, it's easy to customize the build to your specs and style. This saves literally days of work and specialized tools required for a traditional build.

Here are just a few of the complicated steps we've done for you:

  • Joining, thickness-sanding, and profiling the soundboard and back
  • Installing the rosette and cutting the soundhole
  • Bracing the top and back plates
  • Accurately bending the sides
  • Building the rim, installing the linings, and getting the body geometry right
  • Gluing the top and back plates to the sides
  • Installing the body binding and end graft
  • Cutting the dovetail mortise
  • Rough carving the neck shape
  • Precisely cutting the dovetail tenon
  • Neck is rough fit to the body, ready for final fitting
  • Fingerboard is inlaid and pre-slotted for frets
  • Frets are pre-cut and radiused
  • And many other parts have been shaped and prepared—saving you HOURS of time

And when you open the box, everything is there, ready for you to dive in: fully built body, shaped neck, slotted fingerboard with installed diamond inlays, precision carved bridge with pins, slotted nut, saddle, and pickguard.

But don't worry, there's still plenty of detail work left for you to customize and truly make it your dream guitar. You'll be dialing in the neck to the perfect shape for your hand, customizing the shape of the peghead, installing the frets, setting the neck, finishing, and more. The final look and feel are all up to you.

Complete your build with the perfect tuners
We leave it up to you to pick the tuning machines for your guitar. From classic vintage open-gear models to high ratio closed-back models, we've got exactly what you're looking for. And with countless designs and plating choices, it's easy to find the right set.

We're here to help
And when you buy from StewMac, you get a whole lot more than "just a kit." You're buying 50+ years of history and dedication to helping musicians just like you get more out of their guitars.

We stand by every product we sell with our Lifetime Promise and each kit comes with our expert-written but easy to follow instructions, with 23 pages of photos, diagrams, and every detail you'll need.

And if you get stuck, no sweat... our customer service techs are here to help you with any questions, from opening the box to final setup.

Looking for all solid woods?
If you love the sound of mahogany and all solid woods, check out our Premium Body-Built Acoustic Guitar Kit. It gives you the same head start with solid back and sides for a tone that just gets better with age. 

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