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Firebird Mini Humbucker Pickup Kit

Firebird Mini Humbucker Pickup Kit

Firebird Mini Humbucker Pickup Kit

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Firebird Mini Humbucker Pickup Kit

About This Item

True vintage details make our Firebird Mini Humbucker kit special. The mini humbucker first appeared on Gibson® guitars on early '60s Firebird models. The Firebird version looks like a standard mini humbucker but without the row of adjustable polepieces. They're actually a completely different design, and the tone they provide gives a brighter sound due to its dual bar magnets, and higher output.

"I had a client bring in a recent Firebird reissue for a pickup replacement. Modern stock pickups are not the same as the highly regarded versions found in the originals. I was able to wind a great sounding, more accurate to vintage version using these kits."
—Erick Coleman, guitar repairman and StewMac tech advisor

Build your own mini humbuckers to match the original Firebird, or wind them your own way for custom tone!

    Firebird Mini Humbucker Kit includes:
  • Nickel silver baseplate
  • Unwound black plastic bobbins
  • Alnico 2 bar magnets
  • Maple shims
  • Coil lead wires
  • Braided push-back wire
  • Set of 2 steel plates
  • Instructions included

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Product Instructions

Firebird Mini Humbucker Kit Instructions

Winding and assembly instructions for the Firebird Mini Humbucker Pickup Kit

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A really super neat kit but the high price lets it down some.Quality is good!


I have a fabulous local magnet supplier and I buy wire by the full spool or 15-36 pounds at a time, so the onsie twosie pricing doesn't fit well with my shop. We can take this kit and use Alnico III, IV, V, ceramic VIII, Alnico XIII, magnets by cutting down magnets from our supplier and using other bobbins made by a shop in China. I don't think ours cost more than $15 to make with the wire and the covers. We also wind with #28, #36, #32, #42, #43, #44, and #45 AWG wire in poly, enamel, heavy Formvar, and a few exotic nylon & PTE coatings out of Russia. We can wind these from mild and mellow with a great high end bell like chime, or even overly bright and twangy to wild and crazy super hot n dark, or anywhere in between. Another supplier has magnets in Alnico V, but I do love these with the Alnico IIs! With a diamond saw I can chop down Alnico II, III, IV, V, XIII, ceramic, Barium Ferite, Samarium Ferite, Samarium Cobalt Ferrite, even Neodymium magnets. I cut my own maple spacers from 70 year aged maple stock salvaged from an old boathouse. AS THIS SITS IT IS A WONDERFUL KIT! Some optional Alnico III, IV and V magnets & Ceramic 8 would make it perfect. The keeper shield is a touch others always overlook. We use a mild carbon steel sheet cut from some OLD heavy galvanized sheet metal sheet stock, and the edges are finished and painted. We also may lay in a sheet of Mu Metal for added shielding too. The shielding keeper is stuck down with some 3M double sided transfer film to keep it from sliding around. Nothing is left to chance. An LCR gives us AC impedance, inductance, DCR, internal capacitance, and a Gauss meter tells us how well the magnets are charged. I started ripping apart modern Firebird pickups about 10 years ago. Those will probably become valuable someday, so... Yeah if you can't make one of these from other parts, buy the kit. We remagnetize after cutting the other magnets down. Heat damages magnets. This kit eliminates that step.


Firebird Pickup Kit


Verified Buyer

There are a couple reason I didn’t give a 5 star rating. Number 1 one is, this kit REQUIRES the pickup cover to complete assembly and should include a cover instead of being sold separately.

Number 2 may just be the nature of the vintage specs for this pickup but the bobbins are very thin and fragile, the material is brittle and will crack with very little pressure. This is mostly a heads up for those who buy this kit, handle them gently.

On the whole StewMac has offered a high quality product that is true to vintage specs in design and materials, where others use steel or brass they use nickel silver. Magnets fit perfectly into the bobbins.

Being a mini hum it’s a tight fit, make sure everything is nice and tidy. At 5000 winds the bobbin is very full using 42 AWG wire. I wanted slightly underwound and did 4,500 for 6.45 on the bridge and 4,200 for 6.00 on the neck. This also helped to fit everything into the tight fitting cover.

I would recommend this kit and I hope at some point in the future they offer a Filtertron style kit.


True vintage sound


Verified Buyer

Suddenly, I am getting a lot of requests to wind vintage Firebird pickups. Many for 3 pickup Strats (sounds great - try it). The offerings from Gibson in the recent past are powerful heavily potted ceramic pups and these folks were looking for a more organic sound and feel.

These kits sound great and deliver the goods! So much so, the last ones I built are for me.
The sound is in the single coil territory (depending on how you wind it), withgreat hum rejection, bell-like and a bit fatter. Not aggressive like a P-90, nor like a mini humbucker you'd find in a LP Deluxe or an Epi Wilshire. Definitely not like a standard humbucker. Gets its loudness from the closer magnetic field vs. the amount of coil turns. That said, no noticable affect of the magnetism like plinky attack or wolf tones.

Note the Alnico 2 is a great magnet and personally would think of nothing else for the bridge pup. Neck pup may be dark in your individual guitar and may want to consider an Alnico 5.

Stew Mac: you should consider carrying Alnico 5's for this kit!
Couple of tips: 1.) these are not as easy to wind or assemble, as single coils or standard sized humbuckers. The bobbins have a squarer taper, which require a bit more tension to avoid a sloppy wind. 2.) There are no index points, attachment screws, etc. You need to think through and be patient with each step of the assembly - thinking a couple moves ahead to ensure the whole thing goes together perfectly. Part of this pup's mojo, is the steel reflectors in which the top one's pacement when installed on the guitar is very important. It dampens and spreads the 2nd string magnetism a bit. Won't achieve that if it is not under the 2nd string.

Definitely recommended.

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