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EHX Power Supply Pedal Mod

EHX Power Supply Pedal Mod

EHX Power Supply Pedal Mod

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EHX Power Supply Pedal Mod

About This Item

Modify and modernize your Electro-Harmonix Pedals
Finally use a reliable power supply for your vintage pedals.

Does your Electro-Harmonix (EHX) pedal have the old "jack-style" power supply? Once they break, they are nearly impossible to find! And vintage ones (or cheap adaptors) are nothing but trouble—noisy and chewed-up cords, inconsistent power, and they always seem to fail right before a gig.

Don't buy a reissue, mod your original
We've made it easy to fix this problem forever! It's super simple, takes minimal tools, and you can do it yourself. By simply swapping in a new power supply jack you can use the standard "Boss-style" power supply.

If you want to start modding and building pedals, this is the place to start. All you need is a soldering iron, a little solder, and a drill—seriously, that's it.

It's more than just a schematic
We include step-by-step instructions for this mod with detailed pictures. And we even include directions on how to solder! If you get stuck give our techs a call—we'll walk you through it.

Start making and modding pedals
We've picked all of the right components to give you the best sound quality and reliability you need when tweaking your pedals. Take your first step into modding (and making) pedals and start customizing your sound.

For less than the cost of a converter or power supply, fix your pedal forever!

    EHX Power Supply Pedal Mod includes:
  • EHX Power Supply Pedal Mod instructions
  • Small DC Power Jack Also sold separately

Electro-Harmonix® is a registered trademark of New Sensor Corp.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Included in This Pedal Mod

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Product Instructions

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Make all your pedals sound and play great.

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Works perfectly.


Verified Buyer

The item is simple, but well built and seems robust enough. The provided instructions are on-point: clear, succinct, and complete. I modded my legacy Holy Grail today; took about 10 minutes total. To underscore one point of contention: the required drill bit is indeed 5/16". Other than that, perfect.


Works Great, Easy to Install, But...


Verified Buyer

I used this power jack to power my Dunlop Hendrix Fuzzface from my pedal board power supply rather than the internal 9v battery. The installation was simple and it works great! But, I have two comments on the instructions that came with it:

First, the List of Required Tools lists a 1/4” drill bit. However, the instructions say drill. 5/16” hole for the jack. 5/16 is actually the correct size. The tools list should be corrected.

Second, the instructions say to insert the new power jack into jack hole and secure with washer and nut. The new power jack does not come with a washer, just a nut. It installs just fine without the washer but the instructions should be corrected.

Otherwise, great product.


Inexpensive gamble


Verified Buyer

My Holy Grail quit working years ago, I saw this repair kit and tried it, for less than two dollars why not? After install the pedal power on led lights up beautifully but as before has no output.
I really like being able to use a standard power source though, and hopefully someday can find a tech that can resolve other issue with the pedal.