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'62 Brit-Plex 45W Amp Kit

'62 Brit-Plex 45W Amp Kit

'62 Brit-Plex 45W Amp Kit

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'62 Brit-Plex 45W Amp Kit

About This Item

The original British powerhouse that shook the world
When this amp launched in a tiny London club in September 1963 it changed the world, and we still can’t get enough.

Favored by blues and rock players for its exceptional sustain, the '62 Brit-Plex is chock-full of harmonic gain, with a thick but focused midrange that refuses to get sloppy or lost in the mix. Put this head on a classic 4x12 cab and watch out!

Just listen to the raw power Angus Young gets on "High Voltage" to hear how commanding this amp can be. The '62 Brit-Plex is the original sound of classic rock, and has a virtually unlimited suite of tones that can be dialed in with ease.

StewMac has lovingly recreated this timeless amplifier in our '62 Brit-Plex Amp Kit. This is one of our Icon Kits: modern reproductions of vintage classics.

Take your amp building skills to the next level with this kit. The ‘62 Brit-Plex is a perfect place to get serious about amp building. This is an involved amp and will be a fun challenge to complete.

If building such an iconic amp sounds hard, don't worry. We've gone to great lengths to make sure this kit has the best step-by-step directions in the industry. With hundreds of full-color photographs and illustrations, these instructions make this an easy, fun and rewarding project.

It comes with all the parts you need to complete this project in just a few weeks.

  • The head cabinet interiors are genuine 3/4" North American Pine
  • Superior craftsmanship on the tolex covered exteriors with perfectly aligned seams
  • Premium quality hardware
  • Top-shelf EL34, 12AX7, 5AR4 tubes and vintage spec Heyboer transformers to give your amp the perfect vintage tone
  • High-quality period-authentic resistors, CTS pots, reproduction mustard caps, and Switchcraft jacks for their authentic tone and a lifetime of trouble-free use
  • Authentic epoxy turret boards just like the ones used in the original vintage amps

Need Help? Our trained staff is standing by!
If you get stuck, don't worry, we're here to help. Our knowledgeable team of amp builders are just a phone call away. Our team is deeply involved with building these amps and can answer any question you have.

You don't need a shop full of tools either!
The great thing about these amp kits is they only require a few relatively inexpensive tools. We've got everything you need to build this amp right!

Amp head cabinet dimensions
Height: 9-3/4" (24.76cm)
Width: 26" (66cm)
Depth: 8-1/4" (21cm)

This amp is designed with a 120V power transformer. To use this kit with international voltages you will need an external step-up transformer (or third party power transformer) that is designed to handle the wall voltages present where you live.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -



Product Instructions

'62 Brit-Plex 45W Amp Kit Instructions

The new StewMac '62 Brit-Plex will be a blast to play through and even more fun to build.

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Great kit


Verified Buyer

I am a blues guitar player and was looking for that classic 1960's British tone. This amp has it!! This was the third amp kit I have built, the previous two came from different companies, and I can tell you that the Stew-Mac kit is by far the easiest to complete. The instructions are superb. I only had two issues, both mistakes on my part, and Tommy help me sort them out very quickly. This was a pandemic project for me and even though all communication with Stew-Mac was via email, they were very responsive. I could not be more pleased with this kit and the folks at Stew-Mac. Thanks Tommy!!




Verified Buyer

I bought the Brit-plex 45 after 6 months of going back and forth on it.
Not one bit disappointed with it.
The built was a great learning experience for me, I'm a industrial electrician and wanted something new to try.
The instructions are well laid out (I did find a couple of typos) and will take you right through the build.
If you do run into some problems tech support is right there to help you out.
Thanks again Tommy, great help when I needed it.
I now thinking about getting the 800 build
after I convince myself that having 7 amp heads is a normal thing.
The sound from this amp is wonderful unlike any of the other Marshall's I own,
creamy clean and raw when you crank it.
You will not regret getting this.
I did add about 3/4 of an inch to every jumper lead that you use though.
I'm very satisfied with this.


Rewarding build


Verified Buyer

I used to build Heathkits in high school and 60 years later decided to get back into it with amps. It's difficult to estimate building time but it is more than what was specified. Fortunately the parts are sorted and the step by step instructions excellent.

I have a few suggestions. The manual suggests buying a regular wire stripper but StewMac has a fine gauge wire stripper which is essential. I was using the recommended exacto knife and getting frayed ends on the cloth jacketed wire. Then StewMac sent an email about the fine gauge wire stripper and from then on all cloth ends were cut cleanly. A glitch encountered was the screw holding the standoff was located underneath a transformer previously installed. I'd advise installing the standoffs before the transformers. One of the resistors was out of spec and you should check them all with a multimeter before construction.

A tip for holding the amp in position- instead of stacked blocks use metal ammunition boxes. They are heavy and straight walled and won't fly apart.

Matt was extremely helpful with my questions during the build. And when I couldn't achieve the proper bias he sent me a lower value bias resistor which did the trick. Regarding biasing, I measured the resistance of both halves of the output transformer and the voltage drop across each half gave the current. Rob Robinette writes about this method online.

When finished, the amp went into its beautiful case and the sound is glorious, especially with humbuckers. With high and low level inputs on both the normal and bright channels, the channels can be jumpered for more sonic possibilities.The build was a great experience giving a wonderful amp.


I bought this to learn about amps, and the bonus was that it's an awesome amp!


Verified Buyer

What sold me was the instructions. Very well thought out, and nicely illustrated. The kit arrived really nicely packaged and labeled, and all the parts are top-notch. Assembly was straight forward and really fun, even if it consumed my dining room table for the duration!

I made a minor mistake during construction. Matt, amp guru at StewMac, looked at a pic that I sent him, spotted the problem in no time at all, and I was on my way again. Tech support is above and beyond.

The final product is phenomenal. Not only does it look great, but it sounds even better. Plug your weapon of choice into it - mine is a Les Paul - and it's off to tone nirvana. I can see many uses for this amp because it's very versatile and loves pedals to make it even more so.

The only problem I have with the whole deal is that it may have opened a can of worms here. I'm already thinking about the next build. My kitchen table will never be the same...


62 Brit-Plex 45W Amp Kit Build notes


Verified Buyer

This was fun to build for me. I've built a dozen or so 500 rack modules and this was certainly easier because of it's size. The instructions are very clear and concise. If you follow them precisely you should have few if any issues. A couple of suggestions as follows: When you are instructed to install the front plate, try to leave it off until after you build the two input jack assemblies as it is pretty easy to leave soldering iron tracks on the plastic plate. I may have to order another plate as I nicked mine when my soldering iron cord snagged on the chassis and brushed the front plate.

Also the instructions say to solder all connections last on the turret board but I found it much easier to solder the sections that you build after you place the components and jumper wires as you complete each section. Check each section carefully to avoid errors and proceed slowly. I also added about 1/4 inch to the suggested wire lengths to make sure there was enough. Most of the time the added length helped out. You can always shorten them if you find it better to dress the wires out later.

On last thing: remove the springs and retainer cups on the large tube retainer assemblies as they can get beaten up from all the chassis flipping you have to do Just mount the lower parts to the chassis. That's it. I had 1 error where a wire broke off from a nick when I stripped the insulation back. Using an xacto knife carefully worked the best for me to strip this solid wire. Also I have a lot of experience stripping wires as I was an electrician for 45 years.

Best of all, this thing sounds GREAT!


StewMac Amp Kits-Excellent!


Verified Buyer

This is the second amp kit I have bought, and found the entire process very enjoyable. Product and instructions were excellent. Perfect for the organized and detail-oriented builder.

First amp ('65 P-Reverb) performed fully as expected (I have not finished the second project yet), with promised sound and performance for a 'new/classic' amp of the '60s era. Very happy with results.

As a bonus, I have gained enough knowledge to repair simple amp problems that have occurred on new store-bought amps. Never would have attempted it without having done the kits.