Featherweight Digital Caliper

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Featherweight Digital Caliper

Lightweight and easy to use
Tired of staring at the tiny lines of a ruler? These digital calipers have a large, easy to read screen letting you see measurements easily—no more squinting! They won't replace our favorite Luthier's Digital Calipers—we keep these on our bench for quick general measurements around the shop.

Custom features for fretwork
We added a jaw notch for measuring fretwire crown height (the height above the fretboard), and a notch on the depth gauge to measure fret height on the instrument—a real time saver. We've also made them of durable resin (not metal) to reduce the weight and cost.


  • Easy to read LCD digital screen displays readouts in inches or millimeters, up to 6" (154mm)
  • Measures outside, inside, and depth dimensions
  • LR44 battery included

For extreme precision, we rely on our original Luthier's Digital Caliper. They're made from stainless steel with luthier-designed features for a lifetime of use in a busy pro shop.

California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm