Pickguard Shielding Foil

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Pickguard Shielding Foil

Self-adhesive! Cut any size you need! Stick this aluminum shielding material to the underside of your pickguard to reduce noise, hum and radio interference.

The sheet is big enough to fully shield two Strat® pickguards, or cut it up to only cover the control cavity area (you'll be able to cover a LOT of cavities!).

20-3/4" x 13" x .003" (527.05mm x 330.2mm x .08mm)

Easy to trim, and self-adhesive so it's easy to apply—no gluing, no mess. A must-have for repair shops and guitar techs.

Note: Aluminum shielding will not accept solder. Use our Conductive Copper Tape for shielding jobs where solder connections are required.

Tip: For more complete shielding, line your pickup and control cavities with self-adhesive Conductive Copper Tape, or several coats of brush-on Conductive Shielding Paint. Extend a bit of the tape or paint outside each cavity and onto the top of the guitar, to make contact with your fully shielded pickguard. The control pots installed on the pickguard are the electrical ground connection for the shielding.

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