EMG ACB-5 Banjo Pickup

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EMG ACB-5 Banjo Pickup

Innovative design, great sound. EMG's multifaceted ACB system gives a more rounded sound than any previous banjo pickup.

  • Magnetic dual coils sense string vibration
  • Ingenious acoustic chambers add microphonic quality
  • Built-in preamp provides a noise-free boosted signal
  • "Acoustic plugs" allow custom feedback control
  • Steel shim senses banjo head vibration

The ACB pickup is a complete solder-free solution for banjo amplification with natural sound. It can be installed easily in any banjo that has two Mastertone-style rim rods.

The pickup's dual coils are spaced apart, for enhanced frequency response. This also lets the instrument's sound resonate between the coils, adding a microphonic quality. The banjo can be custom-tailored for feedback control by adding supplied "air plug" strips between the coils if needed. In addition to sensing string vibration, the ACB pickup senses the vibration of the banjo head through a self-adhesive .002" steel shim.

The ACB system incudes a bracket-mounted volume control with 1/4" output jack, all necessary hardware, installation instructions, and two 3-volt coin-cell lithium batteries.

California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm