Deluxe Mini Humbucker Pickup Kit

Deluxe Mini Humbucker Pickup Kit, Alnico 5, nickel
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Deluxe Mini Humbucker Pickup Kit, Alnico 2, nickel
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Deluxe Mini Humbucker Pickup Kit

True vintage details make our Deluxe Mini Humbucker kit special.
In use on Gibson® Les Pauls® since the 1960s, mini humbuckers are similar to the classic P.A.F. pickup design. But mini hums have a narrower magnetic field and fewer winds per coil, giving them more highs and better clarity.

We've gone the extra mile to make our kits the most accurate Deluxe Mini Humbucker reproductions available anywhere. The parts are carefully matched to original pickups from vintage Gibsons. Following our included assembly diagram you can replicate the originals, or decide to create your own versions.

Choose Alnico 5 or Alnico 2 magnets
Alnico 2 magnets give a warmer tone and low end response with smooth, singing highs. Many builders use them in the bridge pickups of solidbodies.
Alnico 5 produces a brighter tone with a tighter low end and stinging highs. They're great for neck position pickups, to help keep the tone clear without getting muddy.

Deluxe Mini Humbucker Kit includes:

  • Nickel silver baseplate
  • Unwound black plastic bobbins
  • Nickel-plated steel polepiece screws
  • Bar magnet (Alnico 2 magnets are marked red on one end to tell them apart from Alnico 5's)
  • Plastic shim
  • Coil lead wires
  • Instructions included
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