Industrial Strength Velcro for Pedal Mounting

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Industrial Strength Velcro for Pedal Mounting

Our senior tech advisor (and gigging musician) Erick Coleman has tested every method of securing pedals to his pedal board, and Industrial Strength Velcro® is hands-down the winner. The dense hook-and-loop pattern means this Velcro will hold your pedals securely in place, while still having the option to quickly and easily swap them around on your board.

"I have been using Industrial Strength Velcro on my pedal board for several years and it hasn't failed yet — no matter what conditions I’ve subjected it to." — Erick Coleman

Industrial Strength Velcro is weather resistant, adheres to most surfaces (even plastic), and holds up to 10 pounds.

2" x 36" (5cm x 91cm) strip

California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm