AmpRx BrownBox Input Voltage Attenuator

AmpRx BrownBox Input Voltage Attenuator Item # 2840
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AmpRx BrownBox Input Voltage Attenuator

The secret to a better sounding amp
Give your vintage or new amp the exact power it needs for optimal tone and performance with the AmpRX BrownBox. It even protects your amps from dangerous voltages!

Tube amps simply sound wonderful, but they can be cranky! The root of the problem is power: the modern 120 (or more) volts coming from your outlet is too high for most vintage amps. Many vintage amps were designed for a range of 110-117 volts, too much power causes inconsistent sound, unreliable break up, and general unpredictable performance.

But it's not just for vintage amps! Modern amps (designed for 120 volts) will also sound better with the BrownBox. We've found more often than not that the power coming from wall outlets exceeds 120 volts, and can change the sound and damage your amp. This makes the BrownBox so important, it allows your amp to run on its intended power no matter where you are.

Give the right power to your amps
The AmpRx BrownBox solves these problems by reducing your wall voltage to the proper voltage for your amp. At the correct voltage amps sound fuller, respond better, are more consistent—and tubes last longer too!

Best of all, it's simple to use: plug it into the wall, plug your amp into the BrownBox, and select your desired voltage. The BrownBox safely converts the power, letting your amp finally sound the way it was designed to sound. Got a finicky amp? You can dial in the perfect voltage with four attenuation modes, it's easy to find the sweet spot for every amp you have.

For home or stage, there is no better way to make your amp sound better and last longer. If you have a vintage amp you'll finally hear the tone you've been missing. And you'll get more consistent tone wherever you plug in, crucial for gigging.

  • Safely reduces wall voltages to the proper voltage for your amp
  • Allows power tube break up at lower volumes
  • Improves tone, reliability, and tube/component life
  • Easy to read, back-lit L.C.D. display enabling real-time voltage and amperage monitoring
  • Heavy duty construction for road durability
  • Safety features for protecting you amp: filament soft-start in full reduction mode, in-rush current protection and fused overload protection
  • Silent, cool operation and powder coated EMF neutral housing
  • Proprietary transformer wound exclusively for use with tube amplifiers and modern solid-state amps

The custom-wound 5 amp transformer supplies 540 watts max at 120 Vac. Designed for mid to larger sized amps or for parallel or dual amp rigs. Check the manufacturer's info plate on the rear of the chassis for input watt requirements.

California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm