Black Ice

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Black Ice

Battery-free onboard overdrive! Dial in some gritty fun: Black Ice features four different overdrive wiring options. Put your 250K guitar or bass tone control to better use!

  • Compact encapsulated 1/2" cube needs no batteries.
  • Works with practically any passive guitar or bass pickups.

Now with 4 different overdrive options.
Black Ice circuitry is encapsulated in a compact 1/2" cube that requires no batteries to power its nastiness. Installation can be as simple as replacing your 250K tone control's capacitor. You can wire it for just a little grit, a more aggressive grind, or to border on a raw '60s fuzz.

Black Ice works with practically any passive guitar or bass single-coil, humbucker, P-90 or lipstick pickups. Wiring instructions included.

Black Ice features 4 different wiring configurations:
Polite: A little grit for single-coils; mild distortion for humbuckers and P-90s.
Warm: Mild distortion for single-coils; a little more for humbuckers and P-90s.
Hot: Medium distortion for single-coils; aggressively raw for humbuckers and P-90s; subtle growl for basses.
Industrial Strength: Nasty with hotter pickups; slightly more growl for basses. The best wiring option for weak pickups.

Note: Use a 250K pot as your Black Ice control. The instructions also include diagrams for wiring your Black Ice in a stomp box, and for using a push-pull pot to switch between the Black Ice and your tone control.

Black Ice isn't designed to replace your favorite distortion pedal. It won't make your amp a fire-breather, and it won't boost your volume or sustain. In fact, you may notice a subtle volume drop with the Hot and Industrial Strength wirings and high output pickups. Black Ice is not designed for use with active pickups.

California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm