JJ 6L6GCCZ Power Tube

JJ 6L6GCCZ Power Tube, Single Tube
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JJ 6L6GCCZ Power Tube, Matched Pair
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JJ 6L6GCCZ Power Tube, Matched Quad
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JJ 6L6GCCZ Power Tube

The JJ 6L6GCCZ tube is a rugged and well-built power tube. The tone is rich across the tonal spectrum with sparkling highs, thick and punchy mid-range, and tight, clear bass. Great clean or overdriven, you won’t sacrifice power for clarity with these tubes.

About JJ Tubes:
These JJ Electronic power tubes are matched using the Magic Parts™ matching process, and the base of the tube is labeled with the plate current and transconductance matching measurements. By matching these parameters, optimal performance and long life are ensured for your amplifier and are backed by a 6-month manufacturer's warranty.

Tube rating may vary from image. We're unable to accommodate requests for specific ratings.

California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm
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