MojoTone KingCap Aluminum Electrolytic Caps

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MojoTone KingCap Aluminum Electrolytic Caps

Upgrade your amp with caps designed for long life and peak performance. Each cap is sourced by MojoTone for improved construction, durability, and consistent quality. Designed for years of use and abuse, each cap will make your amp sound better for longer.

Why upgrade your caps?
As they age, capacitors break down and stop filtering unwanted noise, seriously affecting your amp's sound. They'll also stop delivering the current your amp needs to operate properly. Replacing your caps is vital to keeping your amp sounding great and running safely. Whether you're replacing dried out, dead caps or building a brand new custom amp, these premium caps are a great choice.

Minimum operating temperature: -25°C. Maximum operating temperature varies according to table:

Capacitance Dimensions Max Temp
16uF - 475V 0.51" D x 1.06" L 85°C
20uF - 500V 0.62" D x 1.25" L 85°C
California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm