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Newest Luthier Tools

  • StewMac Anchor for Dremel

    StewMac Anchor for Dremel

    Clamping a rotary tool directly to your bench is necessary when working with small guitar parts: buffing string nuts, detailing bridges, cutting truss rods to length, precise shaping of inlay work…the list goes on and on.

  • StewMac Chamfer Tool

    StewMac Chamfer Tool

    A specialty tool designed to put a clean chamfered edge on trimmed truss rods and machine thread screws. Use with light pressure in your hand drill.

  • Binding Tape

    Binding Tape

    First choice for binding, and now for fretwork too!
    High-tack adhesive and tough crepe backing make this the strongest paper tape we've found for securing bindings while the glue dries. New tape sizes make masking a fretboard a breeze.

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  • StewMac Solder Monster

    StewMac Solder Monster

    Four helping hands, plus tool storage and safety vent
    The Solder Monster holds your work while you solder, with unique long tentacles to reach into guitar cavities. It grips tiny components or entire pickguards without scratching. Its built-in wire dispenser and tool storage rack keeps your bench neat and organized.

  • Pickup Routing Templates for Jazz Bass

    Pickup Routing Templates for Jazz Bass

    Create perfectly shaped pickup cavities for Jazz Bass®.

    from $43.77