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  • StewMac Cryowire Fretwire

    StewMac Cryowire Fretwire

    Cryowire: Tougher frets without the stress
    Frets that last longer and play better, without extra work.

    There have been many advances in fretwire over the last decade, but new materials have been tougher to work with, wear tools faster, or don't have the traditional look you and your customers want.

    We wanted to see how we could make traditional fret material better. We found that cryogenic, or deep freezing treatment, has been used in countless industries to make metal parts tougher and more durable.

    from $5.10MIX + SAVE
  • Scratchy Pot + Switch Cleaning Set

    Scratchy Pot + Switch Cleaning Set

    Everything you need to eliminate scratchy pots and noisy switches. Nothing is worse than scratchy, dirty pots and switches. You know you have the problem when your sound cuts out when switching pickups or your pots are making noise. Most of the time they don't need replacement, a little cleaning will save the day. That's why we've put together a set of our favorite tools that'll fix this problem instantly.

    $45.62SAVE $5.07
  • Hum Buster Guitar Shielding Set

    Hum Buster Guitar Shielding Set

    Everything you need to tame the dreaded 60 cycle hum and silence your pickups. Don't let pickup noise ruin your jam! Improve your electric guitar forever in less than an hour.

    $84.24SAVE $9.36
  • Rough Fret Smooth + Shine Set

    Rough Fret Smooth + Shine Set

    Tools and supplies to tame fret sprout, buff and shine frets and make your instrument play silky smooth.

    Don't let fret sprout stop you from playing your favorite guitar. This kit has everything you need to fix it yourself. When dry weather comes around, your fretboard can shrink and the fret ends poke out. Sharp fret ends can slow you down, feel uncomfortable, or cut your hand. This is a very common repair that comes around with every change of seasons.

    $37.80SAVE $4.20
  • Action Adjustment Set for Electric Guitar, Inches

    Action Adjustment Set for Electric Guitar, Inches

    Specialty tools used by the pros that'll help you analyze your electric guitar and dial in a perfect setup.

    $58.35SAVE $6.48