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Over 800 tools for instrument work, including Essential Fretting Tools and our Basic Setup Kit. Everything you need to fix your guitar or build one from scratch, plus friendly Free Tech Support to help you do it!

Newest Luthier Tools

  • Miracle Polishing Cloth

    Miracle Polishing Cloth

    Clean every part of your the same time!
    This polishing cloth does it all—cleans frets, conditions the fretboard, gets the grime off hardware, and polishes finishes in one step.

  • Fret Butter

    Fret Butter

    One step solution to clean your frets and fretboard
    Fret Butter hydrates your fretboard and polishes your frets, all at the same time.

  • Neck Shaping Templates for Acoustic Guitar

    Neck Shaping Templates for Acoustic Guitar

    Build an iconic neck, just like the original
    We've been meticulously measuring the necks of some of the most amazing and timeless guitars ever made to create these super-accurate shaping templates. Each template is laser cut from hard plastic for a lifetime of use in your shop.

    $17.84MIX + SAVE
  • StewMac Precision Double Square

    StewMac Precision Double Square

    When close enough isn't good enough
    When you're working on guitars, you need to be precise. With the Precision Double Square, you can finally set up all your tools with the accuracy you need.

    from $67.50
  • Benedetto Palm Plane

    Benedetto Palm Plane

    Made by the master himself!
    A master craftsman forms a deep connection with their tools.

    from $138.53