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Gauged DiamondCut™ Nut Slotting File Set for Acoustic Guitar

Gauged DiamondCut™ Nut Slotting File Set for Acoustic Guitar

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For Light/Medium Strings - Set of 6

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For Medium/Heavy Strings - Set of 6

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Gauged DiamondCut™ Nut Slotting File Set for Acoustic Guitar

About This Item

The last set of nut files you'll ever need
By customer request! We made convenient sets of our revolutionary DiamondCut Nut Slotting Files sized for the most common acoustic guitar string gauges.

The six files in each set make quick, precise, and smooth work of any slotting job. Available for light/medium or medium/heavy string gauges.

    Why choose DiamondCut?
  • The diamond coating perfectly matches the rounded shape of the string—you'll cut a rounded bottom and straight sides, all at the same time. No other file can do this.
  • The evenly distributed diamond particles create a perfectly smooth slot; even the finest toothed files can chatter and leave tool marks.
  • They cut on the push AND pull stroke, doubling cutting speed, and making the job much faster.
  • These files don't drift when cutting like toothed files—you'll cut a straight slot, ideal for better sound, intonation, and playability.

And, diamonds cut through anything quickly and accurately! Bone, Corian, fossilized ivory, brass, zinc—nothing stops these files. Backed by our lifetime promise, these prized tools will earn their keep on your bench for decades.

I have been waiting 47 years for nut files that cut this well. They are controllable, they don't clog, and hopefully will last for years. No other nut file I have ever used comes close to these. They are worth every penny. —Roger Sadowsky, ace builder and repairman

Save 8% by purchasing the set
StewMac tech advisors specify these sets to match your string gauge:

#2328 For Light/Medium Strings
0.013", 0.016", 0.024", 0.032", 0.042" and 0.056"

#2329 For Medium/Heavy Strings
0.013", 0.020", 0.028", 0.036", 0.050" and 0.056"

Making a custom set? Each file is also sold individually.

Match the file to the string gauge
Choose a file of the same size as the string, or no more than a few thousandths wider. By rocking the file side to side, you can widen the slot to fit a slightly wider string.

Get a better grip on your files!
Our new Nut File Backer makes these files even easier to use. It acts like a spine, stiffening the file for a straighter, more accurate cut—no more slipping and sliding on a slick nut or saddle. We have models for narrow and wide files, giving you complete control.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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