Groove Tubes GT-ECC83-S Gold Select Preamp Tube

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Groove Tubes GT-ECC83-S Gold Select Preamp Tube

A tube made for modern amps
The ECC83S is a high gain version of the 12AX7 tube. The S stands for "special" (sometimes seen as STR for "special tube request"). This is the highest gain tube made by Groove Tubes, and is perfect for modern, high-gain amps. It has a huge amount of gain and the output is ideal for complex, high-gain amp circuits. The sound is tight and bright, and works well in modern or vintage amps that need a bit of a kick.

From Fender: "Quite simply the best 9-pin triode preamp tubes you can buy—specifically designed and tested for musical instrument amplification and standard equipment on Fender amps. Outstanding and consistent performance for mixing and matching to get a signature tone from your amp."

About Groove Tubes
Founded by Aspen Pittman, Groove Tubes has long been a supplier of quality tubes. Each tube is certified for superior function, low noise, and build quality. Groove Tubes are installed as standard equipment in Fender amps direct from the factory. If you want consistent and quality performance from your amp, choose Groove Tubes.

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