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  • Pickup Covers for Strat

    Pickup Covers for Strat

    Plastic covers for single-coil pickups that feature 2-1/16" (52.39mm) polepiece spread. 3" (76.20mm) mounting hole spacing.

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  • Baseplate for Tele Bridge Pickup

    Baseplate for Tele Bridge Pickup

    Build or repair pickups with these authentic '50s parts!

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  • Pickup Height Foam

    Pickup Height Foam

    Dense foam rubber mounts under pickups to control pickup height instead of using springs.

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  • Mighty Mite Passive Soapbar Bass Pickups

    Mighty Mite Passive Soapbar Bass Pickups

    Fat bottom end with crisp highs

    Similar to a P-Bass® pickup in function, these Mighty Mite® soapbar pickups feature ceramic ferrite magnets and two short coils sealed in epoxy. Offset and hum-cancelling, the front coil senses the bass strings and the rear coil senses the treble strings.

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  • Mighty Mite Single-coil Pickups

    Mighty Mite Single-coil Pickups

    An affordable pickup with great tone

    These Mighty Mite pickups feature ceramic magnets and are wax-potted for microphonic suppression. Easy to install, they're a drop-in replacement for the Fender Stratocaster™ and its many clones.

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