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  • New!

    Emerson Vintage-style Ground Plate for Strat

    Vintage-spec replica of a late-'50s Strat® ground plate

  • New!

    Emerson Paper-In-Oil Tone Capacitors

    Vintage specs. Responsive, warm tone. Genuine handmade tone caps, made in the USA by our friend Mitch Ingram at Emerson Custom Guitars and Electronics.

  • New!

    Switchcraft Output Jack

    The industry standard for output jacks, and we've got them for mono and stereo applications.

    from $3.64
  • New!

    Mojotone Pickup Winding Machine

    Programmable! Remembers your most-used pickup specs. Set the number of coil wraps you need, and the spindle automatically slows to a stop when it reaches that point.

  • New!

    Mojotone Hand Guided Tensioner

    For controllable, consistent pickup winding. Focus on your winding pattern without worrying about the coil tension.