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    Upgraded! More wiring options, sturdier construction
    The 5-way Megaswitch offers nearly unlimited wiring options for HH, HSH, HSS, and SSS guitars. The circuit board layout makes it easy to customize your sound, and it now accepts standard US-thread screws for retrofitting classic American guitars.

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    CTS Push-pull Pots, DPDT

    Add a switch without adding a hole. Sized to fit more guitars.
    On these top quality CTS control pots, the switch contacts are on the side, not the back. This makes them shorter, so they'll fit most guitars without routing—only 1" cavity depth is needed.

    from $8.95
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    Deluxe Mini Humbucker Pickup Kit

    True vintage details make our Deluxe Mini Humbucker kit special.
    In use on Gibson® Les Pauls® since the 1960s, mini humbuckers are similar to the classic P.A.F. pickup design. But mini hums have a narrower magnetic field and fewer winds per coil, giving them more highs and better clarity.

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    Firebird Mini Humbucker Pickup Kit

    True vintage details make our Firebird Mini Humbucker kit special. The mini humbucker first appeared on Gibson® guitars on early '60s Firebird models. The Firebird version looks like a standard mini humbucker but without the row of adjustable polepieces. They're actually a completely different design, and the tone they provide gives a brighter sound due to its dual bar magnets, and higher output.

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    Polepiece Screw for Deluxe Mini Humbucker

    Our polepiece screws for a Deluxe mini humbucker pickup.

    from $1.70