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  • Capacitors for Amps and Pedals

    Capacitors for Amps and Pedals

    This selection of caps is for building effects pedals and amplifiers. Also see our Ceramic Caps for Guitar.

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  • 1/4-watt Resistors

    1/4-watt Resistors

    These are the same high quality resistors used by JHS Pedals and other leading makers of fine electronics.

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  • Pots for PC boards

    Pots for PC boards

    These high-quality potentiometers have right-angle lugs designed for soldering to printed circuit boards. Their compact size fits small spaces, such as effects pedals.

  • Mini Toggle Switches, SPDT

    Mini Toggle Switches, SPDT

    SPDT (single pole, double throw) for series/parallel pickup switching, humbucker coil-tapping, phase switching, effects pedals and other special wiring.

  • Pedal Knobs

    Pedal Knobs

    Fluted, MXR-style knobs for pedals and other compact applications.

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