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  • Integrated Circuits

    Integrated Circuits

    An op-amp is voltage amplifier that serves a variety of purposes. In our Pedal Kits, the op-amp works in conjunction with the rectifier to shape the overdrive sound.

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  • P-90 Pickup Cover

    P-90 Pickup Cover

    These plastic covers fit P-90 pickups in solid-body and semi-hollow body guitars.

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  • MXR 6" Patch Cables - 3 Pack

    MXR 6" Patch Cables - 3 Pack

    The best instrument cables you will never hear.
    MXR Patch Cables are built to deliver nothing but pure, crystal-clear tone. Oxygen-free copper conductors and spiral shields stop interference in its tracks. The low profile, right-angle plug is a huge space saver on your pedalboard and the rugged PVC outer jacket is built to withstand years of use and abuse on the road.

  • Dunlop Super Pots

    Dunlop Super Pots

    New high-performance, maintenance free volume/tone Super Pot Potentiometer. Made to last a lifetime!

  • Loknob Accessories

    Loknob Accessories

    Accessories for Loknobs with 3/4" outside diameters. Replacement adhesive Tape Rings and threaded Hi Heat Rings for rockin' hot performance situations.

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