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  • Golden Age Classical Guitar Tuners

    Golden Age Classical Guitar Tuners

    Exceptionally smooth tuning
    High quality tuning machines for nylon-string classical guitars. The elegant Landstorfer "fish scale" pattern recalls styles used by master luthiers Velazquez and Hauser.

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  • Top Hat Bell Reflector Knob

    Top Hat Bell Reflector Knob

    The right look for Gibson restorations
    Bell-shaped volume and tone knobs with metal top. The numbers are molded right into the plastic, not painted on.

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  • Pickguard Screws for Gibson

    Pickguard Screws for Gibson

    Phillips ovalhead screws to fit countersunk pickguards and cover plates. These are 3/8" length, the standard for Gibson® (vs. the 1/2" standard used by Fender).

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  • Traditional Tremolo Arm Knob

    Traditional Tremolo Arm Knob

    White and black plastic replacement knobs as found on tremolos for Strat®. These fit our Tremolo Arm and Traditional Tremolo for Strat.

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  • Switch Knobs for Strat

    Switch Knobs for Strat

    Replacement modern-style plastic knobs for Strat® (smaller than early Strat knobs), to fit the most popular blade-style pickup selector switches.

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