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  • Prucha Clamshell Banjo Tailpiece

    Prucha Clamshell Banjo Tailpiece

    Nickel-plated or polished brass, with string tension screw and hinged cover. Suitable for 5-string or 4-string. Attachment bolt and nut included.

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  • Strap Stoppers - 4 Pack

    Strap Stoppers - 4 Pack

    The simplest, easiest strap lock. Nothing to install.
    These stretchy rubber discs keep any strap from slipping off. They're like the cap gaskets found on Grolsch beer bottles, but ideally sized for strap buttons.

  • Loknob


    No more lost settings. LOK THEM IN!
    Adjust your effects, tone, or volume while protecting your settings during transport or at your next gig. Just pull up the Loknob®, twist into the new position, and release to 'lok' in your setting.

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  • Fuggedaboudit Tour Cap

    Fuggedaboudit Tour Cap

    The Fuggedaboudit® Tour Cap locks in your tone by preventing unwanted knob adjustment during transport or at your next gig. (It also keeps your signature sound a secret to your fans.)

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  • Huggas - 3 Pack

    Huggas - 3 Pack

    Do your guitar knobs move too easily?
    The Hugga® offers just the right resistance, making the pot harder to turn and keeping your settings where you like them. Works great on those pesky Strat® knobs you keep bumping into.