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StewMac offers the widest range of high quality products for building and repairing stringed instruments. For half a century, our 100% guarantee has built trust with our customers. They depend on us for friendly, accurate help with all questions about lutherie.

Shop the most popular brands of guitar parts and hardware, pickups and electronics, luthier tools, and more. StewMac is your #1 source for guitar repair, hot rodding, building, and modifying guitars and stringed instruments!

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  • StewMac Mini Grinder

    StewMac Mini Grinder

    Fast, simple sharpening for our Ultimate Scrapers (and more!)
    The grinding wheel is the correct diameter for maintaining the hollow-ground edge of the Ultimate Scrapers. The second wheel is an abrasive fiber that's useful for cleaning and deburring metal parts.

    $59.95SAVE $5.00
  • Engelmann Spruce Archtop Tops

    Engelmann Spruce Archtop Tops

    Found all throughout the vast Rocky Mountain wilderness, Engelmann Spruce is a mature, stable tonewood known for its creamy white complexion and its mature, dynamic voice.

    from $108.00
  • StewMac Acoustic Guitar Body Mold

    StewMac Acoustic Guitar Body Mold

    Holds the guitar body in shape through the building process.

    from $31.78
  • Peghead Overlay Veneer

    Peghead Overlay Veneer

    The peghead overlay is the face of your stringed instrument: the finishing touch of quality. Our veneers are large enough for guitar, banjo or mandolin.

    from $7.59Buy more and save!
  • StewMac Granadillo Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Kit

    StewMac Granadillo Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Kit

    For a limited time only, we are offering Dreadnought Guitar Kits with Granadillo back and sides.

    from $574.99