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  • New!

    StewMac Fish Glue

    Like hide glue, with additional advantages
    Fish glue is a traditional woodworking glue with a strong bond that dries crystal-hard like hide glue.

  • New!

    Spanish Cedar Neck Blank for Acoustic Guitar

    Traditional hardwood for guitarmaking
    Long used in building classical guitars, Spanish cedar carves and works very much like mahogany. Its stability and tonal qualities are also like mahogany. The fragrance will remind you of a new Martin guitar (their linings are Spanish cedar).

  • New!

    Bamboo Repair Picks

    Strong, sharply pointed drop-fill picks
    These hard bamboo picks are great for finish drop fills and other small repairs. But don't use them as toothpicks—they're too sharp!

  • New!

    Fret Shield

    Don't let the strings dent your frets
    Slide this plastic guard under the strings to keep your frets shiny and smooth. This is especially helpful when shipping guitars: your customer opens the case to see flawless, gleaming frets—a great first impression.

  • New!

    The Glue Looper

    Neatly delivers a drop of glue, finish, or lubricant
    What a great idea! Put the Glue Looper™ in a razor knife handle and you have a dedicated drop-fill tool.