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  • New!

    Fineline Applicators

    Durable and reusable! Fineline needle applicators are empty bottles with a stainless steel tip for precision application of glues, stains, oils — even graphite powders.

  • New!

    Titanium Neck Reinforcement Rod

    Substantially different from graphite or steel.
    Lightweight and strong, with a "memory" that forever pulls back to its original shape.

    from $27.90
  • New!

    Torrefied Uncarved Guitar Braces

    Uncarved torrefied Sitka spruce for shaping your own guitar braces.

  • New!

    Torrefied Sitka Spruce Soundboard for Dreadnought Guitar

    Already "broken in" for stability and tone.
    Torrefied spruce is dimensionally stable (non-shrinking), with the clear tone and warm color of well-aged vintage tonewood.

  • New!

    General Finishes Waterbase Topcoat

    The best waterbase finish we've ever used.
    A great gloss or satin finish in just one product, with no need for a sealer. Environmentally friendly, nonflammable.