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  • Beard Wave Capo

    Beard Wave Capo

    Better sound and design for Dobro®
    Machined from steel for a crisper and cleaner tone than brass, the Beard Wave™ Capo is also contoured so it won't interfere with your playing. The mass of this steel capo also contributes to your guitar's sustain.

  • Acoustic Pickguard Blanks

    Acoustic Pickguard Blanks

    Self-adhesive! Rectangular PVC plastic sheet for making traditional acoustic guitar pickguards.

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  • Guitar Cutting Board

    Guitar Cutting Board

    Time to take a break from the workbench and have some friends over!

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  • Golden Age Catalpa Body for Tele

    Golden Age Catalpa Body for Tele

    LIMITED RUN: When these bodies are sold out, they’re gone!

  • Peghead Overlay Veneer for Ukulele

    Peghead Overlay Veneer for Ukulele

    The peghead overlay is the face of your ukulele: the finishing touch of quality. Rosewood and ebony are the well-established favorites for this purpose. Koa is a beautiful and popular alternative.

    from $6.95