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    Short Bridge for Tele

    Vintage style Tele® bridge, in a lopped-off size. Lets you put any pickup you like in the bridge position while keeping the traditional Tele three-saddle design.

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    Gotoh Staggered-Height 6-In-Line Tuners

    Eliminates string trees for better tuning.
    With different string post heights, each string gets ideal downward tension behind the nut. No need for string tree hold-downs or their interference with vibratos.

    from $61.67
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    Mother-of-Pearl Banjo Tuner Knob

    Limited Supply!
    Genuine mother-of-pearl knobs for fine banjos and guitars.

    $37.88SAVE $9.47
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    Flat-top Knob

    Fender models, including Tele®, Duo-Sonic, Musicmaster and basses.

    from $3.71
  • New!

    StewMac Repair Tags

    Keep track of repair jobs in your shop with these handy, durable tags. A glance tells what's in each case, what's needed and when it's due.