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  • Waverly Ukulele Tuners

    Waverly Ukulele Tuners

    Legendary precision, now for ukes! Unique Waverlys that fit right, look great, and bring precise tuning to fine ukuleles.

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  • Waverly Ukulele Friction Pegs

    Waverly Ukulele Friction Pegs

    "The smoothest and most consistent-working non-geared ukulele tuning pegs I've ever seen, new or old." —Matt Umanov, Umanov Guitars, NYC

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  • Ashton Bailey Mandolin Tailpiece

    Ashton Bailey Mandolin Tailpiece

    Simple, sturdy and elegant. Won't bend or rattle. Easy to restring!

  • Tele Pickguard

    Tele Pickguard

    Traditional size and shape in a variety of colors with gloss surface.

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  • Strat Pickguard

    Strat Pickguard

    For three single-coil pickups. These pickguards fit our bodies, plus most production instruments. They have a gloss surface on the top, and foil conductive shielding on the bottom.

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