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    Grover Champion Deluxe Ukulele Pegs

    Champion friction pegs for fine ukuleles. A thumbscrew on top of the knob adjusts tension. Knurled, pressure fit parts for smooth tuning.

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    Metal Cap Bell Knob

    The right look for Gibson restorations
    Bell-shaped volume and tone knobs with metal top. The numbers are molded right into the plastic, not painted on.

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    Unslotted Mandolin Bridge Thumbwheel Set

    Very old style: unslotted posts
    Retrofit your mandolin bridge for the vintage look with these old-style knurled thumbwheels and unslotted posts. These are like our #0732 Mandolin Bridge Thumbwheel Set, but with no slots on the posts.

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    Gotoh In-Tune Compensated Saddles For Tele

    They look original, but they play in tune!
    The problem with vintage Tele® saddles is that they weren't designed for accurate intonation. These Gotoh replacements provide precise tuning while keeping the vintage look.

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    Prucha Mastertone Style Banjo Flange

    A Mastertone replica that's fanatically precise! An exact match of the Gibson original, with accuracy down to one ten-thousandth of an inch.