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StewMac tools + ideas for guitarmaking
Reliable products of proven quality for working on, and enjoying, stringed instruments. Many of the most-used tools in lutherie shops around the world carry the StewMac brand, and were invented right here. Created for use in professional shops, StewMac products are also the choice of aspiring luthiers and dedicated hobbyists.
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  • StewMac Tilt Router Base

    StewMac Tilt Router Base

    Precision routing at a whole new angle!
    Make challenging projects like tilting-back saddle slots and cutting binding ledges on a F5 mandolin peghead a snap with the new StewMac Tilt Router base.

  • StewMac Adjustable Wrench

    StewMac Adjustable Wrench

    There’s no monkeying around with these wrenches!

    from $10.24
  • StewMac Anchor for Dremel

    StewMac Anchor for Dremel

    Clamping a rotary tool directly to your bench is necessary when working with small guitar parts: buffing string nuts, detailing bridges, cutting truss rods to length, precise shaping of inlay work…the list goes on and on.

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