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Newest Luthier Tools

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    Dreadnought Guitar Template Set

    Fast, accurate, consistent layouts! Transferring blueprint specifications to the wood can be cumbersome, and that's why we designed these time-saving templates.

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    StewMac Safe-T-Planer

    Create smooth, planed surfaces using your drill press
    Our Safe-T-Planer is the affordable way to add a planer to your shop. In your drill press, it planes wood to any thickness, leaving it smooth and ready for sanding.

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    StewMac Deadblow Neck Rest

    Shock-absorbing support
    Like a sandbag, our Dead Blow Neck Rest is dense but flexible. It conforms to fit any instrument on your bench, and solidly absorbs hammer blows during fretwork.

  • New!

    Fret Shield

    Don't let the strings dent your frets
    Slide this plastic guard under the strings to keep your frets shiny and smooth. This is especially helpful when shipping guitars: your customer opens the case to see flawless, gleaming frets—a great first impression.

  • New!

    StewMac Shop Rule

    6-inch precision steel rule for instrument work
    The most-used ruler in every shop just got better! We added a center-finder, and vertical end scales to this durable, easy-to-read tool.