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Newest Luthier Tools

  • Woodpeckers Mighty Mini-Scraper

    Woodpeckers Mighty Mini-Scraper

    Solid carbide blade starts sharp, stays sharp
    The Woodpecker Mighty Mini-Scraper excels at glue removal. The rugged carbide blade pops the toughest dried glue right off your work.

  • StewMac Truss Rod Access Cutter

    StewMac Truss Rod Access Cutter

    Perfectly smooth and centered, every time.
    Make a clean access cavity for a Gibson® truss rod nut with a hand drill.

  • Golden Age Wiring Jig

    Golden Age Wiring Jig

    Hold your pots and switches in place while you solder—everything is accurately spaced so you can trim the wires for an exact fit. Your wiring harness will fit neatly into the cavity with no fuss.

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  • StewMac Storage Caddy

    StewMac Storage Caddy

    Organize your workbench and your projects
    The StewMac Storage Caddy safely stores screws, bridge pins, pickups, all the small parts you don't want to misplace when working on a customer's guitar. Clear tubes let you easily view the contents.

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  • Aerosol Spray Nozzles - 6 Pack

    Aerosol Spray Nozzles - 6 Pack

    Upgrade your aerosol cans and replace clogged caps! Adjust the fan-shaped spray pattern to be vertical or horizontal.

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