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Over 800 tools for instrument work, including Essential Fretting Tools and our Basic Setup Kit. Everything you need to fix your guitar or build one from scratch, plus friendly Free Tech Support to help you do it!

Newest Luthier Tools

  • Guitar Tech Screwdriver Set Replacement Parts

    Guitar Tech Screwdriver Set Replacement Parts

    Replacement parts for our Guitar Tech Screwdriver Set.

    from $1.95
  • The Otter Compact Router Table

    The Otter Compact Router Table

    A compact router table for shaping and leveling small parts
    From the inventor of the Luthier's Friend Sanding Station™ comes a small, portable router table that can be clamped quickly to your workbench and easily stored when not in use.

  • Banjo 5th Peg Drill Jig

    Banjo 5th Peg Drill Jig

    Accurately locate and drill the banjo 5th peg hole
    One of the trickiest steps of building a bluegrass banjo is installing the 5th peg in the neck. Easy to set up and use, this drill jig makes quick work of a difficult job.

  • Screw Removal Pliers

    Screw Removal Pliers

    Stripped out screw head? No problem!
    Removing stripped out screws is always a pain. Use this handy set of pliers to grip and remove screws with stripped or damaged heads.

  • Archtop Guitar Helping Hand

    Archtop Guitar Helping Hand

    A simple design that works
    The Helping Hand offers sturdy support for lifting pots, switches, and jacks into the holes of an archtop or semi-hollowbody guitar.