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Over 800 tools for instrument work, including Essential Fretting Tools and our Basic Setup Kit. Everything you need to fix your guitar or build one from scratch, plus friendly Free Tech Support to help you do it!

Newest Luthier Tools

  • StewMac Mini Grinder

    StewMac Mini Grinder

    Fast, simple sharpening for our Ultimate Scrapers (and more!)
    The grinding wheel is the correct diameter for maintaining the hollow-ground edge of the Ultimate Scrapers. The second wheel is an abrasive fiber that's useful for cleaning and deburring metal parts.

    $59.95SAVE $5.00
  • StewMac Acoustic Guitar Body Mold

    StewMac Acoustic Guitar Body Mold

    Holds the guitar body in shape through the building process.

    from $31.78
  • StewMac Precision Fret Puller

    StewMac Precision Fret Puller

    Get ready for the smoothest fret removal ever!
    Improved chip-stopping performance, control, and comfort.

  • Waverly Anniversary String Winder

    Waverly Anniversary String Winder

    Pull this out of your guitar case and others will take notice!
    With highly polished brass and ebony appointments, classic Waverly styling, and silky smooth operation, the Waverly Anniversary String Winder is anything but ordinary.

  • StewMac HeatStick for Neck Removal

    StewMac HeatStick for Neck Removal

    Remove glued necks with no damaging steam
    The HeatStick™ uses the heat of your soldering iron to soften the glue in a guitar's neck joint for removing the neck.

    from $54.95