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    Guitar Cutting Board

    Time to take a break from the workbench and have some friends over!

  • New!

    StewMac Brace Repair Jack

    A better way to glue loose braces
    Insert through the soundhole and turn with your fingertips for clamping braces, bridge pads and patching cleats.

  • New!

    Fine-gauge Wire Stripper

    A must-have tool for guitar wiring: a sharp cutter/stripper that handles even the tiniest hookup wires.

  • New!

    Low Tack Protective Tape

    Dan Erlewine's choice in low tack tape.
    In his writings and Trade Secrets, Dan Erlewine often mentions "sign painter's tape" for protecting guitars while working. Here it is: the wide, low tack tape Dan uses in his shop.

    from $5.80
  • New!

    Double Cam Clamp

    A new, stronger cam clamp. This hardwood and steel design improves on the classic cam clamp in three ways:

    from $17.32