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  • New!

    1/4" Drill Bit

    For drilling clean, accurate tuner pegholes. This bit is the perfect match for our Tuner Drill Jigs.

  • New!

    Micro-Mesh Foam Sanding Block

    Perfect density for sanding: firm enough but soft enough.
    A flexible foam rubber pad designed specifically for uniform sanding.

  • New!

    Fisch 10mm Drill Bit for Tuner Installation

    Clean cut with no tear-out. This drill bit is ideal for many modern tuners. The brad tip keeps it on track so you drill accurately centered holes with smooth walls.

  • New!

    Fisch 11mm Drill Bit for T-O-M Bridge Installation

    Clean cut with no tear-out.
    The right bit for installing Tune-O-Matic bridges and stop tailpieces.

  • New!

    StewMac Super Glue Caddy

    Holds glues, whip tips and pipettes.
    Guitarmaker Todd Sams created this caddy for his own workbench. Dan Erlewine asked for one, and now everybody wants one! It's time to offer this to our customers.