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    Black Fingerboard Stain

    Higgins India Ink is like ebony in a bottle!
    Makes streaked ebony fingerboards and bridges uniformly black.

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    Luthier's Mini Rasps, Set of 5

    CLOSEOUT! These medium-cut Swiss mini rasps are intended for the intermediate stages of wood shaping. The 8" set includes round, square, flat, half-round and triangle rasps.

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    Two Cherries Guitar Brace Chisel

    A better shape for a delicate job.
    The unique “S” profile of this chisel is perfect for carving the gently curved ends on guitar braces. As the cutting edge follows the curve, the handle is lifted up to make room for your hand.

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    StewMac Body Board

    Lifts the guitar up and away from benchtop clutter
    Don’t let a tool-filled bench scratch the instrument you’re working on. Use the Body Board with our Guitar Repair Vise and double your workspace.

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    StewMac Crack Repair Tools

    Fix cracks and punctures in acoustic instruments
    Our complete set of crack repair tools handles even the toughest jobs, like a cracked guitar side. Pulls the crack shut and glues it at the same time.

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