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Bridges + Tailpieces

Newest Bridges + Tailpieces

  • Prucha Presto Banjo Tailpiece

    Prucha Presto Banjo Tailpiece

    The nonadjustable tailpiece preferred by most professional players for the traditional Scruggs bluegrass sound.

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  • Gotoh In-Tune Relic Bridge for Tele

    Gotoh In-Tune Relic Bridge for Tele

    Looks old but plays in tune!
    The problem with vintage Tele® saddles is that they weren't designed for accurate intonation. Gotoh's compensated saddles have solved this problem without changing the look of this classic bridge.

  • Prucha Kershner Banjo Tailpiece

    Prucha Kershner Banjo Tailpiece

    Patented nearly a century ago, the Kershner is still one of the most popular adjustable-tension tailpieces for banjo.

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  • 5-String Banjo Bridges

    5-String Banjo Bridges

    Maple with ebony top banjo bridges in a variety of heights. These bridges have a string spacing of 1-11/16".

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  • 4-String Banjo Bridges

    4-String Banjo Bridges

    Maple with notched ebony top for tenor and plectrum banjos. 1-3/8" string spacing.

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