Bridges + Tailpieces

Newest Bridges + Tailpieces

  • Traditional Tremolo Arm Knob

    Traditional Tremolo Arm Knob

    White and black plastic replacement knobs as found on tremolos for Strat®. These fit our Tremolo Arm and Traditional Tremolo for Strat.

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  • No Knot Banjo Tailpiece

    No Knot Banjo Tailpiece

    Turn of the century design makes string changing fast and easy.
    A favorite for old-time open-back banjos. For 5-string or 4-string banjos. Use loop-end steel, nylon or gut strings.

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  • Gotoh Traditional Tremolo for Strat

    Gotoh Traditional Tremolo for Strat

    Tried-and-true 1950s technology! This is the workhorse 6-screw-mount tremolo bridge with vintage-style bent-steel adjustable saddles.

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  • Gotoh Tune-o-matic Bridge with Standard Posts

    Gotoh Tune-o-matic Bridge with Standard Posts

    A popular modern version of the Tune-o-matic for solidbody guitar. Saddles are pre-notched with individual saddle intonation screws retained by mini hex nuts.

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  • Gotoh 'Stop' Tailpiece

    Gotoh 'Stop' Tailpiece

    The familiar zinc die-cast bar tailpiece for solidbody guitars, with height-adjustable metric (M8 x 1.25) or U.S. (5/16-24) threaded mounting studs and knurled bushings.

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