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Waverly Guitar Tuners with Koa Knobs for Solid Pegheads

Waverly Guitar Tuners with Koa Knobs for Solid Pegheads

Waverly Guitar Tuners with Koa Knobs for Solid Pegheads Nickel, 3L/3R

Nickel, 3L/3R

Item # 4108
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Waverly Guitar Tuners with Koa Knobs for Solid Pegheads Gold, 3L/3R

Gold, 3L/3R

Item # 4108-G
In stock, ready to ship!


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Waverly Guitar Tuners with Koa Knobs for Solid Pegheads

About This Item

The choice of renowned guitarmakers for their finest instruments.
Exotic curly koa adds a touch of class to any guitar.

Waverly tuners feature old style tapered 1/4"-diameter string posts and the press-fit brass hex bushings fit 11/32"-diameter pegholes. Screws included.

With Waverly tuners, your guitar plays in tune and stays in tune. Waverly's patented design combines stainless steel with bronze to create smooth, non-slip tuning. The perfect replacement tuners for valued instruments, Waverly machines are handmade to fit precisely without drilling on older Martin and Gibson guitars. Manufacturers such as C.F. Martin, Gibson, Collings, Santa Cruz, Huss & Dalton, Sams, and Bourgeois choose Waverlys for their finest instruments.

Conversion peghead bushings are available for installing Waverly tuning machines in larger diameter 3/8" diameter (Grover, Gotoh, Schaller, etc.) pegholes.

Direct replacement design: No additional mounting holes to drill when replacing similar vintage machines on older Martin and Gibson guitars.

More efficient operation and more precise tuning: 16:1 gear ratio. Patented worm tension bushing eliminates looseness.

Long life with less wear: Stainless steel worm gears have twin bushings. String post gears are machined from bronze alloy; more durable than brass.

Authentic knobs and string posts: Knobs are genuine koa. Old style tapered string posts are nickel or gold-plated brass.

Get the right fit for Waverly guitar tuning machines
This slow-speed Peghead Bushing Reamer has a 1/4" pilot and 11/32" shank. Two 1" flutes cut a .340"-diameter counterbore for Waverly press-fit peghead bushings.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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Waverly - what more can I say?


Verified Buyer

For some reason, these were a few dollars less than the others. This was great for me as they are a perfect match to my current 2 builds of flamed mesquite. As always, StewMac is great to buy from.




Verified Buyer

I have a 1980 CF Martin 00-25K and these spruced it up over the silver grovers


Nice tuners


Verified Buyer

Overall, I like these tuners. Replaced the Grover Sta-tites on my Martin D-28. However, and unfortunately, the day after I installed them, the B string tuner button came off. Not a huge issue, but Waverly needs to pay a bit more attention in their quality control department. I glued it back on so I could use it and notified Stew-Mac a replacement is needed. I've not heard back yet, but I'm sure they are doing their best in light of the COVID-19 challenges.

Would I buy them again? Maybe (assuming I don't have further issues). Like I said above, I like them and will keep them (unless some of the other buttons start coming off). I've purchased a bunch of tuners over the years. These are my first Waverlys. These may function a bit better/smoother than the other tuners, but a button coming off a day after installation does not inspire confidence or satisfaction.


Worth Every Penny


Verified Buyer

These were recommended to me because I wasn’t happy with the stock tuners on my
Martin D16-A. Besides being a great tuner and guitar jewelry I do believe they improved the overall sound.

Highly recommended!


Awesome Tuners


Verified Buyer

I ordered these for my 50s Kay K45 acoustic and although they do not fit perfectly they will work just fine and they are awesome...the plating, the craftsmanship, the quality is just amazing...and the Koa knobs are beautiful.. highly recommend Waverly tuners!