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3-On-Plate Waverly Machines for Slotted Pegheads

3-On-Plate Waverly Machines for Slotted Pegheads

3-On-Plate Waverly Machines for Slotted Pegheads Ivoroid Knobs, 3L/3R

Ivoroid Knobs, 3L/3R

Item # 3500
In stock, ready to ship!


3-On-Plate Waverly Machines for Slotted Pegheads Ebony Knobs, 3L/3R

Ebony Knobs, 3L/3R

Item # 3503
In stock, ready to ship!


3-On-Plate Waverly Machines for Slotted Pegheads Snakewood Knobs, 3L/3R

Snakewood Knobs, 3L/3R

Item # 3504
In stock, ready to ship!


3-On-Plate Waverly Machines for Slotted Pegheads Mother of Pearl knobs, 3L/3R

Mother of Pearl knobs, 3L/3R

Item # 3523
In stock, ready to ship!


3-On-Plate Waverly Machines for Slotted Pegheads Black Pearl Knobs, 3L/3R

Black Pearl Knobs, 3L/3R

Item # 3505
In stock, ready to ship!


3-On-Plate Waverly Machines for Slotted Pegheads Dark Tortoise Knobs, 3L/3R

Dark Tortoise Knobs, 3L/3R

Item # 3519
In stock, ready to ship!


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3-On-Plate Waverly Machines for Slotted Pegheads

About This Item

Modern precision, vintage style. For slotted steel-string guitars.

Our precision plate-style 16:1 machines feature the same gears and patented threaded worm bushings found on all Waverly guitar machines, for maximum tuning accuracy. 1/4"-diameter brass string shafts with 35mm/1-3/8" spacing are mounted on cast polished bronze baseplates. These artistically engraved plates age to a handsome patina. Slotted, round-head mounting screws included.

Direct replacement design
No additional mounting holes to drill when replacing similar vintage machines on older Martin, National, and Dobro guitars. Refer to the specs page for dimensions to compare to your instrument's tuners.

More efficient operation and better feel
Patented worm tension bearings eliminate the "play" inherent in other designs.

More efficient operation for more precise tuning
16:1 gear ratio. Patented worm tension bushing eliminates looseness.

Long life with less wear
Stainless steel worm gears have twin bushings. String post gears are machined from bronze alloy; more durable than brass. Brass string shafts are 1/4"-diameter with 35mm/1-3/8" spacing.

Ivoroid knobs resemble real ivory, but are a durable non-animal alternative.

Black Ebony knobs are light weight and add a clean look to your guitar.

Snakewood is exotic and lightweight for an organic aesthetic that pairs well with nearly any tonewood.

The genuine Mother of Pearl knobs have a natural iridescence, shine, and figure that stands out from plastic imitations.

Black Pearl is genuine Mother of Pearl with a deep iridescent and smoky luster.

Dark Tortoise knobs are a specially blended material that's a remarkable simulation of natural tortoiseshell. Light passes through, and it looks amazingly like protected hawksbill turtle shell.

Installation Tips

Mounting screws: Pilot holes required. Installing delicate screws into hard wood requires great care and accuracy. We highly recommend the #1712 Depth-stop Drill Bit (5/64" bit) for the pilot hole before installing these screws. Lubricate the screw threads with cutting lubricant (also wax or a bar of soap) to reduce friction and help them thread properly.

Waverly Tuning Machines: The Choice of Renowned Guitarmakers
Bear Creek
Bedell Guitars
Froggy Bottom
Huss & Dalton
Paul Reed Smith     
Santa Cruz

"They hold their tune and look superb…of course I recommend Waverly." —Dick Boak, Martin Guitars

"Our favorite tuners." —Collings Guitars

"The best tuning keys on the market." —Tony Rice

"Anyone using a lesser tuner is making their life more difficult." —Jorma Kaukonen

"Fast and precise retuning on stage or in the studio is no longer a problem, and finally the tuning machines look as good as the instrument. What did we do before Waverlys?" —Steve James, Austin TX

"Fast tuning on stage or in the recording studio…smooth action and good weight." —Herb Pedersen

"They work as beautifully as they look. The very best!" —Jim Merrill, Merrill Guitars

"Simply the best tuners available for acoustic guitars—I wouldn't use anything else." —Dakota Dave Hull

"Like putting a Rolex on your guitar!" —M.J. Franks Guitars

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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Excellent warranty service


Verified Buyer

These were replaced under warranty. Everyone I dealt with st Stewmac was super helpful. Truly a no hassle transaction. The new tuners are nice and smooth. I do wish the base plate was a tad shinier like the originals were. That's an extremely small detail and more a preference than criticism. They work very well and a were drop-in replacement. Good stuff!!!


Customer Service above and beyond


Verified Buyer

I had a small issue with the snake wood knobs on one of the worm gears. They tracked down my invoice from 4 years back even though they were purchased through a music school account in Canada. They honored the lifetime warranty and I had a complete replacement set within 3 days.
Simply amazed.


Replacement Tuners for Martin guitar


Verified Buyer

Stew Mac has great customer service! Had a stripped button off a D tuner on a Martin built to order Brazilian Rosewood Adirondack top 000 42. A bit disappointed with Martin when I called. They said it was not covered under their warranty. Called stew Mac and they said there was lifetime warranty on their Waverly tuners. Sent me new replacement tuners no questions asked. I just sent a picture. This is the way all companies should do business !


Waverly Tuners


Verified Buyer

One word...Quality.
Just works of art... installed them on my B&G Little Sister.
Beautiful !!!


best tuners i own


Verified Buyer

I bought these so i could change tunings fast and use one guitar for multiple songs in different tuning. Excelent results




Verified Buyer

I have tried two sets of Waverly tuners with the snakewood buttons and both have been unsatisfactory. The first set started slipping within three months. The second have lasted a year and then the G string tuner crapped out. Stew-Mac has been great in trying to remedy the situation but I'm reluctant to give Waverly another try. For the price, I expected way more. I am disappointed to say the least.

Response from StewMac

We are so sorry that you've had such a poor experience with these Waverly Tuners. You should expect more, we do! We really appreciate you speaking up about this problem. Although these issues are rare, they are a concern we take very seriously. To prevent this from happening again in the future, our technical staff is looking into the slippage issue you've experienced.

Waverly Tuners have a lifetime guarantee as insurance for situations such as this. Quality and 100% Total Satisfaction is our goal every day. If a product fails to work as intended, we'll take back the product and replace it or refund you. We will gladly send you a replacement set of tuners right away.


Waverly tuning machines


Verified Buyer

I am 150% pleased with my new Waverly tuning machines. I was able to install
them easily on my Martin 00017SM. After reaming the existing post holes first
with a 15/64 bit and then with 1/4" they slid in perfectly. The screw holes were
slightly off, but the screws went right in and seated and held firm.


Simply the best 3 on plate for my slot heads


Verified Buyer

Solid, beautiful, well adjusted, very smooth and vitually free of backlash, Ebony knobs were consistent in grain orientation and color. Beautiful machines! Love the unplated bronze engraved plates, they really class up your build.
Unplated string posts seem to be a tiny bit smaller than the plated ones? I used a .249" reamer for a snug fit.


excellent tuning machine


Verified Buyer

really different , excellent precision the price is not cheap but the difference in precision , sound and build is really present wonderfull tuning machine it make the difference from 0 to 1 with my original Martin 000 tuning machine


The best tuners I've ever used, and they're beautiful. 


Verified Buyer

I've used Waverly tuners on almost every guitar I've made and they are worth every penny to me. The quality is beyond excellent and they stay in tune better than anything else I've ever used. They are expensive but give a set a try, you'll want another set for your other instruments also.

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