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Sharpening scrapers for guitar work: two simple jigs

Issue 203 November 07, 2013

Link Van Cleave is a sharp guy! He taught tool sharpening at the 2013 Northwoods Seminar. That was a class on professional techniques, but Link also gave us this foolproof Trade Secret for making your favorite scraper super-sharp.
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Extra video from Dan Erlewine's cell phone: Link Van Cleave showed how he grinds a chisel with a Dremel tool, and Dan whipped out his iPhone in time to capture it for us. It's the Dan-Cam!
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blankIn this Trade Secrets video:
  • checkmarkSimple jig #1: to create a truly flat scraper on all 4 edges
  • checkmarkSimple jig #2: to square up the cutting edge
  • checkmarkBurnish the edge, and you're ready to scrape
  • checkmarkMan, those are the kind of shavings you want to see!

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